062 - Sue Hollis - author, motorcyclist, entrepreneur and adventurer on riding, building a business and overcoming fear
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You are in for a real treat today. This is a long conversation with a woman whom you’ve likely never heard of before but I can guarantee you will want to meet and hang out with her after you listen to this episode.

I’m not sure if it’s her accent, which is beyond charming, or it’s her self-deprecating way or it’s her keen observations about herself and others. It’s probably a combination of all of those. But whatever it is, you’re going to be pulled into a conversation that is just gonna make you feel good and, hopefully, it’s gonna make you think differently about what’s possible for yourself.

So, this conversation is with Sue Hollis. Sue is an Australian but she currently splits her time between the land down under and Canada. It was my very good fortune that she happened to be in Canada this summer and was willing to take a ride down here to Seattle on her beloved motorcycle, Voodoo, as she calls it, to record.

Anyway, Sue just released a book called Riding Raw: The Journey from Empty to Full which chronicles her three-month ride through North America (mostly in the western US and parts of Canada) on her 1000 CC BMW superbike. As a rider myself, I can attest to the fact that 1000 cc’s is a big bike, especially for a petite woman like Sue.

But she took on this big trip after feeling like her “perfect” world wasn’t so perfect and she needed a drastic change to reclaim her life and find, what she calls, heart success.

She really has a wonderful story to tell about her rise in the corporate travel world and how she always felt that she was going to be found out as a fraud at what she was doing (and that came with a lot of stress and fear). She went on to build a multi-million dollar business but still felt empty (hence the sub-title of the book, from empty to full).

As you can imagine, she’s got some great stories to tell, not only about her past life in her career but also about her journey on Voodoo. And there are great lessons in here for all of us, not just for unhappy corporate execs or motorcycle riders. Some of the lessons she shares are really accessible to us all. And that’s probably what makes this conversation so much fun and interesting.

So with that, here’s my conversation with Sue Hollis.


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