116 ~ Lia Ditton ~ Ocean Rower Extraordinaire
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Today’s guest is ocean rower, Lia Ditton. I chatted with Lia back in episode #80 almost exactly one year ago. I highly recommend going back and listening to that episode if you haven’t already hear it or if you did hear it and want a refresher, it’s going to give you a lot of background on today’s episode.

I wanted to circle back around with her because she is about to embark on a pretty incredible journey. She’s planning to be the first person to row across the North Pacific from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco. She had originally intended to do that row this year but she’s pushed that until next year and this year she will be rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii – getting herself and her boat part way to her start in Japan.

When she completes this trip from Japan, she will have been the first person to have done so.

In this episode she describes her most recent training rows that she’s done that have put her up close and personal with sharks as well as close encounters with other boats—the captains of some of these boats likely thought she needed rescuing (which was actually quite far from the truth). But in these training rows she had some harrowing experiences which she goes into in some great detail. The thing that strikes me about Lia is how methodical she is in her approach to her ultimate goal of rowing the North Pacific. If a person were to just hear about her adventure and ultimate goal, they might immediately have doubts about whether Lia could accomplish this mission. But when you hear ALL of the preparation that goes into it, all of the training, all of the hardships that she endures in the name of training for this big expedition, you realize that her goal is really quite possible.

She’s planning on departing for her San Francisco to Hawaii row sometime between mid-April and mid June (it will all be weather dependent) and you can follow her at rowliarow.com.

With that, please enjoy this conversation with Lia Ditton.


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