098 ~ Dina Bennett - Author and Travel Junkie on being an expat and saying yes
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Today’s guest is Dina Bennett – author, travel junkie and unorthodox, as she says.

Dina Bennett landed on my radar years ago when I was sent a copy of her book, Peking to Paris: Life and Love on a Short Drive Around Half the World. This documents her trip as the unlikely navigator in an antique car in a motor rally.

That was maybe five or six years ago. Although we did meet briefly at a conference a year or so before her book came out, this was the first time we really got a chance to sit down and chat. And I have to admit I was thoroughly charmed by Dina and so loved this conversation.

When we first met, Dina was living in Colorado but has since moved to France where she’s been, for the most part, for the past two years.

Dina is the author of two books including Peking to Paris as well as A Travel Junkie’s Diary – both of which I’ll link to below.

But Dina is also an ex-pat, a globe-trotter, a navigator, a rancher, a roadtripper and so much more. Perhaps most importantly, to me, she describes herself as someone who more often says yes than no.

I could go on but I want to dive into this, because I know you’re going to love this conversation with Dina Bennett.


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