086 ~ Anna Brones - Writer, Artist and Producer
1 hr 35 min

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Today’s guest is Anna Brones.

Anna is many things. She’s a writer, she’s an artist and a documentary producer. And the thread through all of these is that Anna is a creative.

I met Anna maybe eight years ago or so and we’ve stayed in touch via Facebook all this time so I’ve been able to watch the growth of all the things she’s involved with.

Most recently, something very interesting came across my radar and I really wanted to reach out to chat with her about it.

She’s a producer on a documentary that’s just come out called Afghan Cycles. After you listen to this conversation, I want you to go rent this movie – you can find all the ways to do so by going to Afghancycles.com.

It’s the story about some very bold women in Afghanistan who are challenging gender issues by the “simple” act of biking. It’s really quite amazing.

So of course in this conversation with Anna, we talk about the movie and these bold women bicyclists and the benefits of empowering women – whether in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

But we also talk extensively about what it means to be creative. Because she brings thoughtful creativeness to everything she does.

So many of the women I have on the podcast are living what I would categorize as a very intentional life. They make very thoughtful decisions when it comes to what it is they do. And Anna is high on the list with regards to that category. Perhaps it’s the way she articulates her thoughts (of course, she’s a writer!) but I was really impressed with how intentionally she lives and I think you’ll clue into that during this episode as well.

I know you’ll really enjoy this conversation with Anna Brones.



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