074 - Cassandra Overby - Hiker and Author of Explore Europe on Foot
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Cassandra Overby is the author of a new book called Explore Europe on Foot.

And it is, obviously, all about enjoying Europe through walking. I'm talking anything from day walks to multi-day hikes.

This book is pretty awesome. It’s a guide that makes walking through Europe really accessible. When I first heard about the book, I thought it would be interesting to me because Jon and I have talked about doing a hut to hut trip, perhaps in the Alps.

But as I dug into Explore Europe on Foot, I realized that Cass is really advocating for a different kind of travel, a different way of thinking about it. And it doesn’t have to include some big hut to hut experience or a multi-mile pilgrimage (although she includes those in the book as well), but it can just be a way to enjoy a slower pace of travel by exploring the countryside on foot wherever you are.

She didn’t start out as this kind of traveler, and that’s where her story becomes interesting. She had considered herself a big time traveler until she left on a year-long trip and ended up coming home after just a few months (which was all spent in one place, by the way). And it was then that she realized she was disillusioned by travel.

She hunkered down and worked for five years until a couple of things happened that brought her to this book--namely meeting her future husband AND discovering a new way to travel that really lit her up.

You’ll hear how her story unfolds in this episode but I think the real key, the real takeaway, is that she made a Bold decision in her life. A change that she did not consider bold at the time. But that decision changed everything for her.

Here’s my conversation with Cassandra Overby.

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