107 ~ Mina Yoo ~ Inventor, Entrepreneur, Author
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Today’s guest is Mina Yoo.

Mina is the founder of HeroClip. This is a super handy device that combines a caribiner with a hook so you can take your purse, your backpack, your water bottle, pretty much an endless number of things and hang it on a hook, a tree branch, fence post, pretty much an endless number of things in order to keep your hands free. I actually brought two of them with me to Ireland.

You’ll hear Mina describe it and how it came about and it’ll make a lot more sense.

Anyway, you’ll hear Mina’s story of how the HeroClip came about and how that experience, being a creator, an inventor, then gave her the idea of her new book which she co-authored with Hilary Meyerson. The book is due out on October 22, and it’s called Be an InventHer: an Everywomen’s Guide to Creating the Next Big Thing.

In this conversation, we also talk about the reality of juggling all of this. What it’s like for her to be an overextended parent and the guilt associated with trying to juggle a business, being a wife as well as a mother to two children. And we go into how men are treated differently with regards to juggling the work/life balance and the different societal expectations for women and men.

We also talk about taking the leap of faith as Mina did when she left a very secure job as a university professor to jump into the unknown to launch a business.

Let’s just say, Mina is super inspirational.

With that, please enjoy this conversation with Mina Yoo.


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