Be a Smarter Homeowner
Beth Dodson and John Bodrozic
Welcome to Be a Smarter Homeowner podcast, where hosts, Beth Dodson and John Bodrozic are dedicated to helping you save money and get organized while managing, maintaining, protecting, improving, and eventually buying or selling your largest financial asset and biggest expense, your home. Discover how easy it is to be a smarter homeowner. Having worked with homeowners for over 20 years, your co-hosts are two of the three co-founders of HomeZada, a digital home management software platform that helps you to manage everything about your home in one digital place. Episodes of Be a Smarter Homeowner Podcast will feature John and Beth as they explore all the different aspects you need to know while owning a home; from home maintenance, home improvement projects, tracking your home finances, storing important documents, to creating a home inventory. With a focus on the financial impacts all of these things have on your home’s value and the expense to own it, turn the complexities of homeownership into solutions that will make your life easy and stress free. Being a homeowner can be costly and frustrating if you're not in the know. How do you know what maintenance tasks to do and when? Most homeowners forget or don’t know what to do which ends up costing you more money in repair and energy costs. Do you understand your insurance policy? Save your wallet and home from taking a hit. Make sure you have the coverage for your belongings, with the liability protection you need. Love DIY and home improvement? Plan and manage all your remodel, landscaping, and design projects. Discover how to hire contractors, stay on budget, track your costs, and save information for future tax, insurance, and resale purposes. What financial info should you know? Stay in control and up to date on various financial metrics such as home values, mortgage balance, home equity, household expenses, completed projects and maintenance costs. Where are your home documents? More disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and house fires cause home damage and destruction. Learn the value of having a home inventory using photos, videos, and documents of your home and your personal property. Looking to buy an investment or rental property or vacation home? Discover important strategies on how to manage multiple homes by staying organized and in control. Intimidated by being a first time homeowner? You're excited for your new home, but now what? Accelerate your knowledge on what it takes to manage your home and avoid costly mistakes. How to get top dollar when selling your home? Get insights into current market conditions for your home and strategies you can take with your real estate agent to market your home. Planning for retirement? Get prepared with financial planning on your home equity and even include estate management plans on how to disperse your home and your assets to your heirs. Have an aging parent? Get information on downsizing or aging in place and more data on how to remotely manage your elderly parents’ home for them. The podcast will feature experts in the industry. And with your home likely being one of the largest purchases of your lifetime, these experts will keep you informed, offer you tips and tricks, and weigh in on the risks and benefits of all things related to homeownership.
Be a Smarter Homeowner
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