Ep. 1067 - What If We Can’t Accept Good News?
49 min
Good news is breaking on covid, but nobody wants to hear it; Biden struggles to find a vice president; and a football coach is forced to apologize for decrying a racial slur.


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Mark Levin Podcast
Mark Levin Podcast
Westwood One Podcast Network
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/23/20
On Monday's Mark Levin Show, this is the time where it's most dangerous to have an irresponsible media. All would be wise to tune out the disinformation from the Russia-hoax-media. In 2000, there was a rogue supreme court in Florida just as there is one now in Pennsylvania. One nuance, between the two, is that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed the State's voting laws right before the election. Then, the right to vote is protected in more than the initial allocation of the franchise. Equal protection applies as well to the manner of its exercise. Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the State may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person's vote over that of another. There must be at least some assurance that the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied. What's more, the Governor of Pennsylvania and their supreme court made changes: 1. extending the receiving and counting of ballots beyond 8:00 PM on Election Day. 2, they eliminated the requirement for matching signatures. 3, they stopped requiring postal marks on the mailed-in ballots. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated Article II, Section II, Clause II of the federal Constitution acting as if they were the State's legislature. Later, just because the media doesn't agree with the presentation of Sidney Powell's case doesn't mean they have to destroy her or that RINO Republicans have to pile on. It may be difficult to win fairly because of judicial bias, but the case for fair elections must be made irrespective of the electoral outcome to ensure free and fair elections moving forward. Afterward, Fox News Host, Pete Hegseth, joins the program to discuss his new book "Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 55 min
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Premiere Networks
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Nov 24 2020
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: The Real Story of Thanksgiving. George Washington’s First Thanksgiving proclamation. Record-breaking EIB ratings in our 32nd year. Oregon governor encourages citizens to snitch on fellow citizens celebrating Thanksgiving. PA governor bans alcohol sales on Thanksgiving Eve. Dem govs drunk with power. Mattis to Biden: Get rid of America First. Trump legal team, Rudy says they still have a case. Poll: 79% of Trump voters think the election was stolen. It's absurd that we can't have an election and count the votes on election night. 16-year-old caller. Mattis and America First. Trump marks the DOW breaking the 30,000 mark.                            PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2:   Our Thanksgiving tradition: The True Story of Thanksgiving. The version of Thanksgiving that you were taught in school, compared to what really happened. William Bradford and the Mayflower Compact. The early settlers experimented with socialism and it did not work. If more people knew the real story of Thanksgiving, we may have prevented this election. It was private property and free enterprise that saved the Plymouth settlement. What Squanto really taught the Pilgrims. The Federalist on the real story of Thanksgiving. Biden names cabinet, says they will keep America safe, keep adversaries in check, terrorists at bay. Trump already did it! The monumental achievements of Donald Trump go unreported. Myth of Manhattan and the Indians.                                          PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Bozell: 45% of Democrat voters in battleground states say they didn't hear about Hunter Biden story, 9% say it would have changed their vote. Media is pure activism now, it's not journalism. GOP candidates are running against Big Tech, Big Media, Big Hollywood. George Washington's First Thanksgiving Proclamation. Why Rush wanted Obama to fail. The myth of the Indians and Manhattan. Carl Bernstein's list of 21 Republican he says hate Trump. Rush thanks his family and the audience. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
1 hr 54 min
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