Jeremy Boreing | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 102
1 hr 5 min
After years of waiting, co-founder and god king of the Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing has finally been called up to the big leagues for his Sunday Special debut! A Hollywood hustler turned multi-faceted media mogul/general man of intrigue, Boreing hit his golden goose when he linked up with our very own Ben Shapiro to found Truth Revolt and eventually the Daily Wire.  Jeremy joins us to muse on his humble beginnings, flaunt his wild success, and discuss Daily Wire’s future plans for conquering every possible media frontier. Buckle up!


Make sure to check out our bonus question to hear Jeremy and Ben discuss the future of the Daily Wire in Nashville! Become a Daily Wire member at
Mark Levin Podcast
Mark Levin Podcast
Westwood One Podcast Network
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 12/2/20
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the press has provided almost no coverage of the rulings on the Trump cases, or the multiple hearings that have taken place with dozens of witnesses. They have all but ignored President Trump's speech today where he laid out the facts of the irregularities, the elimination of signature matching, and postal requirements, as well as the extension of ballot deadlines other rule changes for mail-in ballots. The fraud abounds and the yet establishment media and government types say and do nothing. Then, the economist and columnist Walter E. Williams has passed away. Williams was a huge icon for liberty, the constitution, and humanity. Armed with an excellent sense of humor and superior intellect, Williams lived a graceful life and kept the company of fellow conservative intellectuals Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is out of control. What Pennsylvania has done at the state level affects the Electoral College. A state court cannot change or create election laws, only the PA legislature can. Republicans must stand up to this lawlessness. This cowardice must end because the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is stepping all over the legislature. If the US Supreme Court doesn't fix this rogue state court we will have a federal Constitutional crisis. Afterward, CNN is further exposed in newly released tapes from Project Veritas revealing more of their bias. CEO Jeff Zucker even went as far as saying that Trump was a bigger threat to national security than election fraud.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 55 min
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Premiere Networks
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Dec 03 2020
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Thursday. Media refused to air voter fraud hearings. What do we have to gain and what do we have to lose? Flip the perspective. Will we be ruled or will we speak up? There’s no lockdown on the economy, there’s a lockdown on you. 18 international life scientists: COVID tests fatally flawed. Bezos should do what he pretends to do: help the little guy. Student loan bailouts. Trump has exposed the Deep State, what do we do with that opportunity? Confused by not voting for GA Republicans to own the libs. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: We live in the age of disinformation. Media lies and hides select information to benefit one side. What the Drive-Bys program us to believe. The Supreme Court needs to take this case live so we can watch. Obama admits Rush is right: Democrats can’t run on what they believe. Demand answers for voter fraud data anomalies. Did the Democrats create an environment for fraud? Follow the law. Missing context. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Democrats set up environment for fraud. Unnatural occurrences in raw data. The Supreme Court must hear this case. Some young people have not learned to stand on their own two feet. The case for personal responsibility. Georgia video play-by-play. Imagine this scenario with Obama v. Romney. This is the video that will be remembered if SCOTUS doesn’t hear the case. The Big Banks’ student loan bailout grift. Spirit of truth. Learn more about your ad-choices at
1 hr 56 min
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