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The Problem With Multivitamins, Can Wheat Weaken Your Bones, How Vegans Can Get More Omega 3's & Much More With Mira & Jayson Calton Of The "Rebuild Your Bones" Protocol.
Nov 21, 2019 · 1 hr 16 min
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But since then, plenty has happened, especially based on Mira's advanced osteoporosis diagnosis that she went through when she was 30. Mira and Jayson decided to write a book on this (more details here: ). An osteoporosis diagnosis can feel like a debilitating life sentence—one that leaves you feeling stuck with a future of prescription drugs that only might keep the condition from worsening. Mira Calton, CN and Jayson Calton, PhD have discovered a better way to prevent and even reverse the disease through the power of micronutrient therapy. The secret to building strong bones lies in the right combination of micronutrients— the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids in the foods we eat and supplements we take. In their new book , the Caltons reveal how our dietary, lifestyle, and even supplementation routines may be depleting these essential micronutrients, and share the 40 healing habits scientifically proven to build stronger bones. They also provide an easy-to-follow plan to reverse these effects, including recipes and meal plans, exercise advice, and supplement recommendations. If you’re looking for a pharmaceutical-free way to restore your bone health, look no further—this is the definitive guide to safely and naturally stave off osteoporosis and reclaim your health. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Mira's bout with osteoporosis led her to Jayson and their current body of work...6:30 Diagnosed w/ advanced osteoporosis at age 30; had bone density of an 80 year old person Working from couch, delegating tasks to staff Met Jayson; had reversed osteoporosis within 2 years 40 "healing habits", all clinically proven in their own right, involving diet, lifestyle and supplementation -The ineffectiveness and sometimes counterproductive nature of current osteoporosis treatments...9:30 Osteoporosis and osteopenia are viewed as "irreversible" diseases They are lifestyle diseases Bisphosphonates: drugs used to treat bone density issues 10 year window max for being on these drugs Many are 18-24 months (black box restriction) Many have not even been tested on animals, yet are prescribed to humans Implications include: cancer, punishing effects on the body Quantity over quality: denser bones, but of poor quality; ineffective in preventing fractures They deplete calcium, CoQ10, Vitamin C levels Unintended negative consequences of RANK-Ligand inhibitors (RANK-L): Work similarly to how Omega 3 work in the body (reverse-engineered) They bind to receptors in the immune system Cause low levels of magnesium -The interplay between wheat and bone density...21:40 Wheat contains oxalic acid, phytic acid, Contains lectins and trypsin inhibitors Gluten contributes to leaky gut Amylopectin A: Causes the body to over-secrete lectin (lets us know when we're full) Inhibits bone density as a result -Ancestral approaches to preparing food to increase bone density...25:00 Soak, sprout, ferment are good approaches Lectins are difficult to eradicate Steer clear of wheat and lectins while rebuilding your bones; occasional consumption Slowly reintroduce them, using aforementioned methods (soak, sprout, ferment) -Effects of coffee on bone density...27:45 Caffeine has been shown to deplete micronutrients such as calcium and iron (but can be offset w/ dairy) Copious amounts must be consumed in order to have any negative effects The benefits outweigh the negatives Antioxidants are a plus Turns off body's ability to produce osteoblasts, which creates osteocalcin Organic coffee is recommended -How an acidic or alkaline diet affects bone density...32:15 The notion that acid will "leak" calcium from your bones is a myth Antacids create more stomach acid Beware of info you find on the Internet Acid based foods help the body absorb more calcium Bone is 50% protein-body volume; you need protein to rebuild bones -The importance of Omega 3&6 and Omega fatty acids pertaining to bone health...40:15 Omega 6 is essential fat; causes inflammation in the body (which isn't a bad thing) Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory "It's what our ancestors would have eaten in their diet. However..." Omega 6 and 3 do not offset each other; they're competing to absorb in the body First step to reducing inflammation: drive down Omega 6 to 4:1 ratio to Omega 3 Many foods we regard as "healthy" are disproportionate in Omega 6 content First step: cut down on Omega 6 consumption EPA and DHA compete for absorption similar to Omega 3/6 Ideal time to take calcium: right before exercise -Things to consider when taking a multi-vitamin (MV) pertaining to bone health...51:30 93% of Americans are deficient in at least one micronutrient Most conditions are "long-latency condition" diseases Focus on diet and lifestyle before supplementation; but you can't fulfill micronutrient needs through diet alone MV is a "shotgun" approach to supplementation MV's are not effective because they compete w/ minerals for receptor sites in the GI tract ABC'S of optimal supplementation: Absorption Beneficial quantities and forms Competition between micronutrients Synergy between micronutrients Research study on commercial MV's: More than half did not disintegrate within set time limit "Bed pan pills" Known to stop up septic systems Powdered MV's are best consumed when washed down w/ water AM and PM version of MV -Precautions to take when choosing a multivitamin...1:01:15 Most MV's do not contain Vitamin K2 Many MV's have lost their potency by the time they reach the store shelf DL tocopherol is used in many MV's Each form of a vitamin is equally important Best form of calcium: Calcium potassium phosphate form (closest to bone structure) Most forms of Vitamin K2 is incompatible w/ calcium -How a cell phone in your pocket affects hip bone density...1:08:30 -And much more... 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