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The Great Bread Debate, Detoxing With Food, Dangers Of MDMA (& What To Do About It), High Protein Myths & Much More With Max Lugavere.
Mar 21, 2020 · 1 hr 25 min
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The author of the New York Times bestselling , previous podcast guest on the episodes:  and also is back! His name is Max Lugavere and his new book features a lifestyle program for resetting your brain and body to its “factory settings,” to help fight fatigue, anxiety, and depression and to optimize cognitive health for a longer and healthier life. In , Max expands the plan, which focused on nutrition and how it affects brain health, and expands it to encompass a full lifestyle protocol. We know now that the health of our brains—including our cognitive function and emotional wellness—depend on the health of our gut, endocrine, cardiac and nervous systems as there is a constant feedback loop between all systems. Drawing on globe-spanning research into circadian biology, psychology, dementia prevention, cognitive optimization, and exercise physiology, The Genius Life shows how to integrate healthy choices in all aspects of our daily routines: eating, exercising, sleeping, detoxing, and more to create a healthy foundation for optimal cognitive health and performance. Among Max’s groundbreaking findings, you will discover: · A trick that gives you the equivalent of a “marathon” workout, in 10 minutes · How to get the benefits of an extra 1-2 servings of veggies daily without eating them · The hidden chemicals in your home that could be making you fat and sick · How to boost melatonin levels by up to 58% for deeper sleep without supplements Max is a filmmaker, health and science journalist and author. He is also the host of the #1 iTunes health podcast . Lugavere appears regularly on the Dr. Oz Show, the Rachael Ray Show, and The Doctors. He has contributed to Medscape, Vice, Fast Company, CNN, and the Daily Beast, has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and in The New York Times and People Magazine. He is an internationally sought-after speaker and has given talks at South by Southwest, TEDx, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, and many others... During our discussion, you'll discover: -Just how bad is bread?...8:08 It's one of humanity's oldest and most revered processed foods Max's views have softened slightly over the years Grains can serve a functional purpose Glycogen storage Help to power through resistance training Not as toxic as made out to be, but not the most ideal option available Changed views on brown rice Preparation methods are important Avoid GMO forms of GMO foods No such thing as a one size fits all diet, nor an exercise regimen Increased carbs in the diet may lead to increased strength (performance enhancing tool) -How Max's views on MDMA have evolved over the years...19:45 Being used to treat PTSD; given "breakthrough drug" status by the FDA Being used to treat alcoholism, autism Chronically dangerous to the brain; imbalance in neurotransmitters Serotonin is modulated w/ MDMA Acute doses are limited in potential harm; benefits outweigh the risks Psilocybin can reduce activity in default mode network in the brain Can damage mitochondria when consumed in large amounts Increase levels Supplement w/ (code: BENGREENFIELD10) Dr. John Lieurance's / (code: BEN) -Max's overall goal in writing ...29:00 The goal was to help people identify diseases such as dementia or cancer years or decades before they manifest physically was to identify which foods affect the brain We're essentially in "The Hunger Games" books Sedentary, addicted to devices, rampant stress, circadian rhythms are out of sync The default state of any organism is health; our society is anything but healthy Max's mom developed dementia at a young age; was eventually diagnosed w/ pancreatic cancer Conditions don't develop overnight Prevention is not discussed by and large in mainstream medicine Cachexia: extreme muscle wasting Certain cancers are hormonally related Book: by William Li -Fish consumption and optimizing brain health...46:00 Fear of consuming mercury w/ fish is overblown; the benefits outweigh the risks Selenium: mercury ratio in fish is key People who eat more fish have better health; protection against Alzheimers Women who eat more fish have smarter kids Oily fish (wild salmon, mackerel, sardines) are preferable Lifestyle considerations: (code: BEN) w/ dry brush or enema Frequent movement -Healthy detoxification...51:26 The 3 P's of health detoxification: peeing, pooping, perspiring can upregulate autophagy Article: -Why Max advocates increasing protein intake...55:45 Confusing mechanism w/ outcomes The benefits outweigh the risks Reasons to increase protein: In old age, double the allowance helps maintain muscle mass Inverse relationship between increased protein and amyloid plaque More protein = less carbs and fat Protein leverage hypothesis: hunger mechanisms are leveraged by need for essential amino acids Protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients; metabolic advantage Very nutrient-dense foods Ensure protein you consume is buffered w/ collagen or the amino acids contained therein Book: by James Clement Supplement w/ -Max's big wins regarding biohacking, food prep, etc...1:05:08 Drink clean water (code: GREENFIELD) Add minerals into the reverse-osmosis water (code: GREENFIELD10) Time spent in nature 30 minutes of sunlight in the morning Suprachiasmatic nucleus controls circadian rhythms 20 minutes in nature can reduce cortisol levels Staying active 2 minutes of activity for every 30 minutes sedentary can reset the blood flow to the brain Fascia is a piezoelectric tissue , deep tissue work can be mildly addicting -Max's favorite workout regimens...1:13:45 Resistance and strength training Cut back on carbs, lost efficacy in strength training Not a fan of steady-state cardio; lots of throughout the day Staying active boosts lymph fluids Keep protein intake up: 1.6 g/kg of lean mass High intensity repeat training You can have a great body w/out obsessing over fitness Be more present with your food; distractions while eating can increase calorie consumption -And much more! Resources from this episode: - BGF podcasts w/ Max Lugavere: - - - - Dr. John Lieurance's / (use code BEN at checkout for a 5% discount) - - Book: by William Li - - - Book: by James Clement - - (use code GREENFIELD10) Episode sponsors: - You can grab your own Kion Creatine now at and save 20% off your first order with discount code: BGF20 -: After using the Joovv for close to 2 years, it's the only light therapy device I'd ever recommend. Give it a try: you won't be disappointed. Order using and receive my brand new book, Boundless absolutely free! -: A wellness company specializing in innovative nutraceuticals made from healing hive compounds and plant-based ingredients. 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