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Ben Greenfield's Top Anti-Aging Tactics: Basic & Ancestral Strategies To Enhance Longevity
Jun 6, 2019 · 1 hr 12 min
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I recently had a chance to speak to a wonderful crowd of personal wealth management experts at the . During my talk, I covered both basic and advanced tactics to enhance longevity, and the talk was also recorded for your listening pleasure here. In this episode, you'll learn... -Clues from the animal kingdom about our own longevity...9:45 Lobster has high activity of the telomerase enzyme (prevents telomeres from shortening rapidly)  have robust protein folding mechanisms Hummingbird has extremely high metabolism; produces high amount of endogenous antioxidants which extends its life Tortoise's internal organs do not degrade as rapidly as the rest of its body The Immortal Jellyfish: Sinks to the bottom of the ocean when it dies and renews its life Humans do not tap into their longevity potential due to their deleterious lifestyle -The 12 characteristics of "Blue Zones" and how they relate to longevity... Air quality in your environment [17:15] We're bombarded with air pollution directly related to air pollution air filters (use code BEN) It's possible to begin reversing lung damage from smoking within 12 months Wild plants, herbs and spices [20:32] : Things that are bad for you in large amounts can strengthen your body's stress resilience in small amounts Plants have built-in defense mechanisms Book: Plants cause gut damage to those with existing gut damage (leaky gut, dysbiosis, etc.) Book: Avoid processed food [24:45] Two ingredients commonly found on processed "healthy" food: vegetable oil and sugar Two things to track: Glycemic variability w/ Inflammation High amount of legumes [28:50] Rinsing and sprouting Legumes are a low glycemic index food Slow carbs A slice of bread can spike your sugar higher than a candy bar Low level physical activity throughout the day [34:50] You don't see cross fit regimens in blue zones Gyms are a product of the post-industrial era Natural way to exercise is walking, chopping wood, outdoor activities Standing work station [link] Treadmill work station [link] Design your lifestyle so that the gym is an option, not a necessity Strenuous gym activity will not improve your longevity Social engagement [38:25] Podcast: It's impossible to simulate face to face interaction in a digital format Use the Internet as a means of facilitating F2F contact, not trying to simulate it ( Drink healthy forms of alcohol [40:55] Ben's cocktail: Gin or vodka, on the rocks, wedge of lemon and house bitters  (discount code greenfield10 for 10% off) Podcast: Alcohol is toxic, but while too much can be harmful, a little bit can be efficacious Calorie restriction and fasting [44:15] Long time between meals, your body up regulates cellular autophagy (cleanup of cellular debris in your body) Intermittent fasting allows you to derive benefits of fasting without calorie restriction Ben's fasting protocol: Quarterly 5 day period of calorie restriction Daily intermittent fast Monthly: Dinner to dinner fast Strong life purpose [48:05] Have a reason you exist, a mission statement, you can clearly articulate to yourself and others regardless of your circumstances Low amounts of stress [50:40] Go for the low hanging fruit (natural stress relief) before using technology Our breath (prana) is a natural stress relief Box breathing Alternate nostril breathing 4-7-8 breathing Spiritual discipline and belief in a higher power [53:12] Believe we're more than blobs floating through the air, seeing who can accumulate the most trophies Physical intimacy [55:30] Nature doesn't want to keep organisms that aren't useful to its propagation Having sex regularly sends a message to Nature that you want to propagate the Earth -Advanced biohacking practices people are using on top of those already mentioned...57:35 Hormesis via hyper oxygenation (hyperbaric chamber) Hormesis via EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) Thermogenesis Cryotherapy chamber Full spectrum infrared sauna (Clearlight) UVA/UVB radiation Calorie restriction pneumatics Rapamycin Metformin Insulin stabilizing herbs and spices Berberine [thorne link] Bitter melon extract Sirtuin activating compounds (stacs) Stem cells V cells Exosomes Foods that can enhance your own stem cell productioin Colostrum Chlorella Aloe vera Coffee berry fruit extract Peptides Joint degradation: , Mitochondria: Humanin, mots-c C Max Mitochondrial support Telomeres  (enter code BEN at checkout and get 30% off)  (link?) -And much more... Resources mentioned: - Book:  - Book: - Book: - Book: - Book: - - Book:  - Book: - - - -  and - - - - - - - -  (enter code BEN at checkout and get 30% off) - - Episode Sponsors: -: My personal playground for new supplement formulations. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -: Contains a host of anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy benefits. For this reason, I have decided to now make consumption of hydrogen-rich water an important part of my daily nutritional routine...and I highly recommend it! Enter code: BEN at checkout and get 30% off your order! -: Activewear and athletic clothing for ultimate performance. Vuori is built to move and sweat in, yet designed with a West Coast aesthetic that transitions effortlessly into everyday life. Receive 25% off your first order when you use discount code: "ben25" -: Whether you’re an insurance expert or a newbie, Policygenius created a website that makes it easy for you to compare quotes, get advice, and get covered. Got a question for me about today's podcast? Just leave a comment below and I'll reply!  
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