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The Real Truth About Genetic Testing, Why 23AndMe Is Not Enough (& The Most Advanced Genetic Test You Should Get Instead For Customizing Your Exercise, Your Diet, Your Supplements & More!).
Oct 6, 2018 · 2 hr 4 min
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Three months ago, I and my twin ten-year-old boys sent our saliva off to a lab in Canada for one of the most advanced genetic tests available. And I was blown away by what I learned. In today's podcast, I reveal the test that we took, exactly what we learned and how you can take the same test as we did. My guest is Dr. Karim Dhanani, who is the founder and Chief Medical Director at Toronto’s Centre for Biological Medicine, a clinic that is redefining North American naturopathic medicine for the 21st century. Dr. Dhanani’s clinic – a specially designed, ecologically sound facility set in pristine Canadian woodland – has become a global mecca for those seeking to live their lives at 100%. For Dr. Dhanani, the appeal of medicine was always the investigative aspect. He loves breaking down a tough problem, and systematically uncovering the root causes with diligence, discipline, and precision. After completing his education in biology, chemistry, and naturopathic medicine, he found his calling in German biological medicine, a branch of naturopathy that integrates cutting-edge science and precision with the millennia-old wisdom of natural healing techniques. But just learning in a laboratory setting wasn’t enough. Dr. Dhanani set off on a journey that took him from Canada to Europe to Africa and beyond, to understand what lies at the most advanced frontiers of Biological Medicine. Since establishing the Centre for Biological Medicine in 2002, he has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, including athletes, scientists, and other doctors at the highest levels of their professions. His internationally renowned reputation – particularly in the naturopathic treatment of chronic degenerative disease – has led to research collaborations with Nobel Prize winners, and turned Dr. Dhanani into one of naturopathic medicine’s most sought-after speakers. During our discussion, you'll discover: -The fascinating history and world of biological medicine, and a German pioneer of medicine that Dr. Dhanani learned from...9:15 The goal is to identify the "root cause" of a symptom or problem. It's a combination of diagnostic tools and innovative thought processes. "We look to see what 'outside the box' is influencing what is 'inside the box.'" What is the relationship between biological medicine and bioregulatory medicine? Only substantive difference is that of vernacular. Both are looking at the body's capacity to heal; responses to symptoms, or "punches" to your body. Cell communication: we believe cells speak via biochemistry. : pioneer of biophotonic signaling of cells. . Energy medicine has a larger role to play than physical medicine. -The most interesting biohacks coming out of Europe, including the Mora machine for detoxification and new types of laser treatments for red blood cells...21:55 Just like we use words to communicate, certain bodies require light and sound to communicate. The Mora machine uses electronics and sound to drive specific frequencies into the system. We can increase the amount of glutathione in your body by simply giving the frequency of glutathione without injecting it. You're providing a mechanism to carry the molecule into the body energetically. Different color lights (not LED) affects communication between cells. Depth of penetration of LED lights isn't as efficacious as lasers. -Where 23andme genetic testing falls short, and what Dr. Dhanani has discovered when it comes to the truth about genetic testing and genomics...29:18 You're only as good as the technology available.  Tests must be 1) Accurate, 2) Reproducible and 3) Functionally relevant. 23andme uses "SNIPS" which are not functionally relevant; they're good for data collection and perhaps ancestry. For illustration: You don't assume the forest is unwell because one tree in it is unwell. Look at associations of SNIPS. MTHFR is one of many we can examine. Anywhere between 15-40% error rate with consumer tests like 23andme. CNV (copy number variance) D2C tests don't tell you whether you have one or two copies of a particular gene. You get a distorted view of your level of detox. The type of genetic testing is applicable for testing for illegal substances. 23andme also doesn't test for insertion/deletion genes. -Why Ben can't absorb Vitamin D from sunlight, and why he must supplement with Vitamin D instead...52:00 Vitamin D is actually a pro-hormone, more than an actual vitamin. 125 hydroxy vitamin D is the actual component. Some people are not genetically predisposed to absorb the 125 hydroxy from sunlight; it's necessary to transport it via supplements. Thorne Vitamin D and Vitamin K. -Why Ben and his twin boys now take glutathione every day (and why you must be very careful if you use any form of injectable glutathione)...57:30 Modern technology causes pollutants and stressors on the body that didn't exist 100 years ago. We're referring to utilization and recycling of glutathione, rather than the production. Many diseases can be traced to low levels of glutathione and the inability to detoxify the body. -How to increase your body's own glutathione with nutrients such as N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha, Lipoic Acid, Selenium and Milk Thistle...1:03:35 The best scenario is your body generating glutathione on its own; when the gene is deleted, then you seek injections. Dr. Dhanani's lab will create a customized formula, rather than trying to ingest them individually. What is preferable: a liquid or powdered injection. Parkinson's patients have been known to have their symptoms stabilized within seconds of a glutathione IV. You get optimal results beginning with a powder, then mixing it with saline before injecting. The objection of the injection is to train your body to generate glutathione on its own. -Why Ben has high natural amounts of vascular inflammation and what that has to do with high intensity exercise and HIIT training...1:05:40 9P21 gene is a pre-ordained inflammatory level that is higher than normal. Occurs independent of diet, activity, etc. High intensity exercise creates massive amounts of blood flow, then it stops; this exacerbates the issue. Folks who are uber healthy, then die suddenly have the 9P21 gene; they've actually been tested for it. People who die from chemotherapy, have the 9P21. -How to know if your pancreas is producing the proper amount of insulin in response to the diet you are eating...1:17:30 tcf7l2 gene If I was not tracking my levels and activity, I'd be at serious risk of a heart attack given my genetics. -The DMPS/EDTA Chelation Challenge for heavy metals and how it works...1:22:15 You want to look for a spike in your aluminum; it tends to be stored in the brain. If you see that spike, you're at the deepest storage level. DMSA doesn't pull lead or cadmium out of your system. -The best way to measure your endothelial health and vascular function (using a protocol called "Endo-PAT")...1:25:30 PAT = Peripheral Arterial Tone. They measure endothelial lining, the level of inflammation. They can change over time, or with changes in your diet. Always be comparing apples to apples. -The extreme importance for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) of sauna, intermittent fasting, Lion's Mane mushroom extract, and low intensity (not HIIT) cardio...1:28:45 We associate this with TBI. Reprogram neural inputs to offset the damaged pattern. Those with 9P21 gene are more susceptible to endothelial inflammation. Limit extreme activity. The 9P21 gene limits the amount of dopamine you're naturally able to produce. -Why having a "low serotonin reabsorption" issue can cause you to ruminate and dwell upon items...1:33:15 Serotonin is the "seat" of executive function: how does your body eliminate peripheral nagging in your system? Peripheral/secondary things become your focus. Mental echo: "did I actually close the garage door???" -How Ben takes notes at night without keeping himself awake for too long...1:36:45 Evernote or similar tools that sync among devices. People with low BDNF and serotonin can actually connect things like conversations and tasks better - because you're ruminating on them. I keep a and piece of paper so I can take notes as they come into my mind. Low BDNF also affects circadian rhythm; difficulty falling and maintaining sleep. Lion's Mane mushroom extract helps supplement BDNF. -The single most important reason Ben needs to limit his intake of saturated fats...1:44:00 7-10% of fat should be saturated. You can have avocados, but not coconut or MCT oils. 9P21 gene increases inflammation; which goes to your vasculature and affects your focus and concentration. Going beyond supplements: lifestyle activities such as meditation, intermittent fasting are efficacious in increasing serotonin. -Why Dr. Dhanani says: "Epigenetics can disqualify genetics - and I’ve done just that"...1:49:40 -And much more! Resources from this episode: -Click here to get $50 off a consult with Dr. Dhanani, along with $400 (instead of $920) for the test and $199/month (instead of $229/month) for the customized supplements. - - - - -Book:  - -Book:  - - - - - - - - -Book: - - is offering podcast listeners an opportunity to take charge of their health by offering Youtrients testing and supplements at over 50% discount. Regular testing price is US$920.00, now you can take advantage of the same testing for US$400.00 Along with this, the will support your ongoing health by offering consultations to detail the results of the genomic tests to tailor your food intake, lifestyle and supplements to optimum health and wellness. With the genomic test, there is a $50 discount for this consultation, should you choose to proceed. To complete and ensure your optimal on going health, we are also offering monthly supplement subscriptions to all at a $30 discount; regular monthly fee of US$229, now only US$199 per month. These supplements are tailored to your needs, based on the showings of your Youtrients test and are fully discussed during your consultation by our doctors; however, there is no obligation to opt-in for this feature. Episode Sponsors: - The best supplement line on the Internet. Don't believe me? Just ask me, and I'll tell you! Use for support for normal blood sugar levels and healthy energy metabolism, even after large, carb-rich meals. - The Organifi Green is like a salad in your glass. Use discount code "greenfield" and get 20% off your order! - Next-Level Light Therapy. See how Joovv can help you reach—and surpass—your health and fitness goals. Order with my link and get a special gift with your order! - is what I use to eat gluten without all the negative side effects. Get 10% off your order using my link. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Dr. Karim or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
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