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Ben's Top Biohacks, Saving Your Carbs For Night, Problems With Keto, The Amazing Healing Power Of Light & Much More!
Jan 25, 2020 · 58 min
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I recently had the pleasure to give a Q&A talk on all things health, wellness, nutrition, biohacking and more at in New York City. Every week, as part of his , world famous chef David Bouley brings in a physician or other guest expert to present on a topic or to answer questions, and each series is accompanied by a fabulous 5 star, multi-course meal that is both amazingly healthy and delicious. I always enjoy giving these talks, and decided to record this one for your listening pleasure. Every member of the audience received a signed copy of my new book , so you'll hear me talk about the book a bit in this episode as well. Enjoy! In this episode, you'll discover: -The 3 non-negotiable things Ben does for his mitochondrial health...5:35 Book: Light Sunlight Photobiomodulation () Hot/cold contrast showers (2o sec. cold, 10 sec hot 10x thru) therapy (exposure negative ions in the earth) -The #1 biohacking device Ben recommends for calm and sleep...13:25 Look for Shift yourself into parasympathetic state Vagal nerve stimulators by Fisher Wallace -How to use a device with a pre-existing tumor...16:40 Shift body into state of ketosis Low protein, low carb, high fat diet Avoid amino acid supplements Light can potentially exacerbate the tumor Book: -Ben's carb refeed strategy...19:12 Save carb intake until the evening Helps w/ serotonin production Won't impact triglycerides Producing ketones throughout the day Dinner is often the most social meal of the day Exercise mimics the insulin sensitivity we have in the morning Quality carbs: , pumpkin, homemade bread, etc. (no Twinkies) Shoot for 100 g of carbs -How to rid the body of glyphosate...24:40 Rule #1: Don't eat from crop that's been treated w/ glyphosate Compounds which make the gut less permeable: (Ion Biome) 2 ways to plummet blood glucose after a long meal Post-prandial stroll Cold exposure -The importance of eating local, seasonal food...28:20 Contain bacteria that's good for the biome and immune systems -The proper use of psychedelics...33:00 Used irresponsibly in many cases Lots of preparation that goes into (and going out of) proper retreat or use of psychedelics and listen digital recorder for what you've said -Ben's recommended self-quantification methods...36:00 Track HRV via... Elite HRV () Quarterly blood panel Thorne blood test (, , , , and ) Stool test once per year DNA test once per lifetime to test hormones and neurotransmitters -A new gadget Ben is trying right now...41:05 (BGF podcast w/ the founder of Apollo is coming soon!) -A healthy approach to coffee consumption...42:30 Very healthy and tasty when used in moderation Overuse can lead to a dependency Switch to decaf coffee for 7-10 days on a regular basis (reset adenosine receptors) -Ben's thoughts on the assertions and claims made on the ...44:50 The risk of anti-nutrients found in plants may outweigh the benefits of a plant-based diet Risk excessive gas, or gut damage A piece of , eggs, is simply easier to get the protein you need Can be difficult on the environment to grow the amount of plants needed -Tips for improving posture...49:30 Ch 18 of  is on symmetry and beauty Breathe through the nose as much as possible (including while exercising) Heel rise of your shoes (as low as possible) Movement throughout the day: Eldoa stretching () -One belief Ben has changed course on in the last 1-2 years...53:02 -And much more... Resources mentioned in this episode: - - - - - - - - - - - - - Book: - Book: - Episode sponsors: -The BGF Text VIP Club: Get early access to deals, discount codes, and insider tips. Just text the word "FITNESS" to 411-247 -: Nature’s “first food” that supports immunity, GI function, athletic recovery, and more. BGF listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order at Kion when you use discount code: BGF10 -: A wellness company specializing in innovative nutraceuticals made from healing hive compounds and plant-based ingredients. Get 15% off your order when you use discount code: BEN -: A formulation of 24 unique strains, each of which included at their clinically verified dose, to deliver systemic benefits in the body. Save 15% off your order when you use discount code: BEN15 -: After using the Joovv for close to 2 years, it's the only light therapy device I'd ever recommend. Give it a try: you won't be disappointed. Order using and receive a month's supply of Kion Berry Aminos absolutely free. Got a question for me about what I talk about in this podcast? Leave a comment below and I'll reply!
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