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Is 5G Really That Dangerous, Plant-Based Diet Difficulties, Reversing Biological Age & Much More!
Apr 11, 2020 · 2 hr 47 min
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Links to every product, hack, article and gadget mentioned in this episode can be found at     On my recent whirlwind media and Boundless book tour of India, I hosted, along with my friends Jag Chima and Kris Gethin, a massive biohacking Q&A and panel in Mumbai. We covered an enormously wide range of topics, including:     --The harmony between ancestral living and modern science     --How to optimize gut health     --Does moving around help digestion     --5G, EMF hazards from mobile phones and "smart" technology     --Why it's so difficult to thrive on a plant-based diet     --How to slow down, or stop altogether, the aging process     --How Ben can have a biological age of 9 years old     --The right approach to aesthetics when it comes to biohacking       --And much more!
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