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How To Increase Free Testosterone, Elevating Deep Sleep Levels, Ideal Estrogen Levels For Women & Much More (Special Q&A Episode!).
May 4, 2019 · 1 hr 20 min
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The “” is a unique destination hotspot with a full biohacking facility, sauna, farm-to-table restaurant, precision medicine arm, hemp farm, horse facilities, and much more. It is owned by one of the physicians who hosts the “, on which I was recently a guest.  Recently, at the castle, I had the pleasure of giving a talk on how to . Afterward, I took part in a Q&A with several of the physicians in attendance at the conference. On today's podcast, part two of this two-part series (), you'll get to sit in on this very interesting discussion. Enjoy! Questions and topics covered in the session... -Follow-up questions for Ben from his presentation...6:48 Q: What do you think of using the long term, particularly as it pertains to EMF and dirty electricity? Q: Do you think is not valid? A: They're legit. Q: You said a score of 3.8 for the TSH is good but not optimal. How do you figure out what your optimal levels should be? Q: Is it true that if you take colostrum on an empty stomach, it won't raise your insulin-like growth factor (IGF)? A: I've never heard that. Colostrum is an anabolic. -What is the ideal estradiol post-menopause?...12:45 Get it back to pre-menopausal levels Book: -How does a sense of spirituality and spiritual practice play into one's health and wellness?...16:12 Changes epigenetic expression, improves sleep cycles Gratitude changes level of empathy toward others Blue zones have strong beliefs in a higher power, meditation, etc. Medical students are not trained in the efficacy of spirituality Physicians "curse" patients; "so much time left to live" -How would you increase free testosterone naturally?...19:19 Avoid heavy amounts of intense exercise (HIIT) Prioritize sexual experience; send body the signal you're maintaining fertility Decrease insulin resistance; increase healthy fatty acids Get adequate rest Stress management -How does ashwagandha play a role in cortisol and other adaptogens?...26:30  (Receive a 15% discount using code: BENGREENFIELD) Books by -How long would a dietary change take to see a change in the Omega 3 Index?...28:25 At least 3 months Can vary from person to person SMASH fish: , , , , -What CGM (continuous glucose monitor) devices do you recommend?...32:05 -When is it optimal to test IGF-1?...35:40 -Should a microbiome be tested a certain time of day, fasted or unfasted, etc.?...36:30 -Is it true that it is difficult to test for parasites because the parasite releases an enzyme when the stool hits the air?...39:30 -What are the key factors to getting quality deep sleep?...41:40 Article: Cold environment - 60-100 mg (use code: GREENFIELD15 to save 15%) for deep sleep (no Bluetooth) Regular exercise regimen Avoid alcohol Period of fasting (3-4 hours) -Are people who follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet low in magnesium?...45:30 -For Ben: How are you dealing with your high cortisol metabolism?...48:56 "I haven't followed a strict ketogenic diet for years." at the end of the day -Is a colonoscopy an effective means of "resetting" the microbiome?...50:45 -How do you treat someone with a common cold? If it develops into an infection, how do you naturally heal it sans antibiotics?...52:36 , rest, and (save $500 with code: BEN) Taking antibiotics correlates with anxiety and depression in the future Take a every morning: prevents getting a cold -Under what circumstances should one seek an antibiotic, even if they are determined not to use antibiotics?...1:00:00 -How to deal with fainting episodes related to stress?...1:02:25 Improving vagal nerve tone (use code GREENFIELD for $100 discount) Podcast: Cold exposure: cold showers, dunk face in cold water -What about things like sauerkraut and kombucha in promoting microbiome health?...1:03:45 is good; approach kombucha with caution -Thoughts on a 5-day fasting mimicking diet vs. a 3-day water fast?...1:07:10 Solid science behind the Fasting mimicking diet is more realistic in its feasibility (water fast is very difficult) -For Ben: Are you still doing the NAD injection that burns for 15 minutes?...1:09:32 -How can you deal with exercise-induced hypoglycemia when you're not diabetic?...1:12:15 -How do you mitigate the effects of a bad night of sleep?...1:14:30 Brief spurts of (HIIT) Large amounts of to reset circadian rhythm Regular meal times or (save $10 with code: BEN10) -And much more... Resources from this episode: - (use code: BEN for a free gift at checkout) - - - -Book: - - - - (Receive a 15% discount using code: BENGREENFIELD) -Article: -Books by - -Podcast: - glucose monitor Episode sponsors: -: My personal playground for new supplement formulations. Attention Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners: receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -: Enjoy all the benefits of the 11 superfoods and their micronutrients that help increase resting metabolism, support cardiovascular health, and remove toxins to turn back the hands of time! Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: BENG20 -: I’ve been using Four Sigmatic products for a while now and I’m impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! 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