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21 Ways To Become Boundless, Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
Jan 23, 2020 · 1 hr 33 min
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I recently spoke at in New York City as part of my Boundless book launch tour.   (See  for more upcoming Boundless events in Los Angeles, and , which just launched this week and is already a Number 1 Amazon Bestseller in several categories!)   Anyways...during my talk, I revealed my top tips, tricks, and biohacks for optimizing mind, body, and spirit—including everything from neurotransmitters to the blood-brain barrier to fat loss/muscle gain tips, a 20 minute Q&A, and much more—recorded it, and packaged it all together for today's podcast. In this episode, you'll discover: -The moment Ben Greenfield realized he was living a truly boundless life...6:45 Began as a bodybuilder, eventually sought a more holistic approach to health and fitness Wrote for athletes who may be asking the same questions he grappled with is a comprehensive guide to live the ultimate life - boundless energy, vitality, quality of life Seek out natural "biohacks" before man-made tech Boundless body, mind, spirit, and environment The represents the Body, Mind, Spirit elements Being "boundless" means a joyful, adventurous, fulfilling life, a managed stress load, quality time w/ family -How to have healthy neurotransmitters...18:15 Proper stimulation (watch caffeine intake) to repair damaged neurons in the brain Four building blocks (2 for neurotransmitters, 2 for myelin sheaths): -Tips for a dynamic blood-brain barrier...21:27 Balanced exercise Saturated fat can be problematic and is good in small doses blood pressure device -How breathwork will improve your life...24:32 4-8 breathing (4 in, 8 out) 3 minutes sleep latency Alternating nostril breathing (cover left nostril and breathe in through your right nostril, then cover right nostril and exhale through your left nostril, in through left, out through right, repeat) Box breathing (4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold) followed by -Smart drugs and nootropics...30:53 Ben's not big on deprenyl, Adderall, modafinil (mix w/ ) Microdose Dihexa Semax Apps -How to choose the diet that's right for you...35:16 Book: Book: Religious practices encourage fasting and caloric restriction Intermittent fasting Social element is important -Proper food preparation...38:19 Pay attention to histamines , , are staples in the Greenfield home Glycemic variability and inflammation are two important metrics to track for longevity is great for blood sugar regulation -Cleaning your gut...41:50 (Cyrex) , , (Dr. Zach Bush) Have a constant mindset of detoxing Activate parasympathetic nervous system before consuming food Pay attention to ancestral food prep methods -What telomere lengths have to do with the size of your muscles... Article: Powerful, explosive movements are particularly efficacious Bigger's not better Ben's preferred workout: Super slow training 1x/week training -The routine Ben does to stay lean throughout the year...49:15 Wake up in an intermittent fasted state ~16 hours for men, ~12 hours for women Consume a small amount of caffeine (1-2 cups of ) 20 minutes fasted aerobic cardio -Biohacking tools Ben uses...51:10 machine -Recovery tools and tactics...52:41 "I'm a bigger fan of biohacking for recovery than for performance" A recovery stack Ben likes: Ice pack on top of it Mid-day nap device recovery boots -How to optimize your symmetry and beauty...57:37 Nasal breathing during hard exercise for facial symmetry and structure -Boosting your immune system...1:00:23 (via Kion Flex) -3 tips to eliminate non-native EMF from your environment... Take a Eat foods containing NAD and sirtuins Yeast Whole grains and to active NrF2 Filtering light on monitors (use for an hour in the morning too) -The best nutrients for hormones and fertility...1:04:47 -The importance of having a life's purpose and expressing gratitude...1:06:28 -And much more... Resources mentioned in this episode: - - BGF podcasts: - - blood pressure device - (cranial electrical stimulation device) - device - from Niraj Naik (the Renegade Pharmacist) - - Book: - - - - - - machine - - - blue light blocking glasses - and Episode sponsors: -: Carefully selected and roasted for taste, purity, high antioxidants and health. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -: Now you can get all your healthy superfoods in one glass...with No Shopping, No Blending, No Juicing, and No Cleanup. 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