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7 Crazy New Biohacks You've Probably Never Heard Of!
Jan 4, 2020 · 1 hr 33 min
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Strap yourselves in for a wild biohacking ride full of new biohacks—some of which I hadn't even heard of. My guest on today's podcast is named Marc. That's it. That's the only information I'll release about his identity. He started his career in investment banking and financing renewable energies and now arranges financing for various government projects—from hydro dams, to farms, to airports—and is now heavily immersed in the fields of biohacking and researching emerging health-enhancing technologies, primarily inspired by managing an incurable genetic defect in his kidneys. In this podcast, we delve into a host of new biohacking technologies you've probably never heard of, from NAD boosters, to stem cell enhancing protocols, to longevity and anti-aging molecules, and much more! During this discussion, you'll discover: -How Marc got interested in these biohacks...8:03 Doing due diligence for banking investments revealed a lot of flaws in technologies such as solar and wind power Became a trusted voice among his partners and investors due to his findings -Biohack #1: How to change the gravitational pull inside your cells to speed up the healing process...11:38 Marc was diagnosed w/ polycystic kidney disease (PKD) Defective on PK-1 protein; cysts develop on the kidney Standard medicine considers it incurable Began ketogenic diet (low glucose slows the growth of the cysts) Increase in klotho protein halts the disease Changes the gravitational pull inside the cells, thus changing the time perspective in which they can heal (40 hrs of healing w/in a 24 hr timeframe) Very expensive: ~$2500/month Extremely detail-oriented protocol Use olive oil or yogurt as a precursor approx. 3-4 days before ingesting How the klotho protein is activated and suppressed Psychological stress, inflammation, oxidative stress and depression mitigate its production Angiotensin decreases klotho , insulin, exercise (resistance training), cordyceps, ginseng extract, activated charcoal increase klotho Vitamin D transport system activates immune system Nagalase enzyme suppresses the immune system by suppressing immune cells GcMAF mitigates damage done by nagalase -Ways to protect from harmful 5G technology...32:15 EMF doesn't actually attack human DNA; it attacks and changes the DNA of the gut microbiome, with an effect on the brain can withstand 5G -The skinny on V-cells...44:30 V-cells are totipotent cells Different types of cells: Totipotent cells can become any type of cell (the crème de la crème of stem cells) Pluripotent can be a variety of different cells Multipotent cells, less variety Singular potent - only one type of cell Embryonic-like stem cells "Non-activated"—dormant, body doesn't know what to do with them Device in the works to increase bioavailability of V-cells High-frequency pulse laser Very small margin of error for it to be efficacious BGF podcasts mentioned: Increased exercise and caloric restriction will mobilize small v-cells -A mostly unknown way to boost NAD levels...58:02 Change the environment so that cells produce NAD sans precursors (such as nicotinamide riboside, NR) increase of 242% NAD+ is used by the body, then converted into NR This becomes downregulated w/ age for boosting NAD -A natural way to upregulate endothelial stem cells...1:03:55 Beta-glucans in mushrooms -Interesting biohacks related to water...1:07:42 (code: GREENFIELD) (code: GREENFIELD) (code: GREENFIELD) Hydrogen is very dangerous; use it with caution when drinking hydrogen-enriched water -A device that increases the mineral density of plants...1:18:03 Lab-grown Placed close to organism w/ water, allows water to come back to its original structure Pesticides are not necessary Water becomes 100% coherent Water and Wellness deuterium-depleted water -And much more... Resources from this episode: - - - - - - - (code: BEN) - -Book: -Book: - for boosting NAD - (code: GREENFIELD) - (code: GREENFIELD) - - - (code: GREENFIELD) - - -BGF podcasts mentioned: Episode sponsors: -Boundless: -: The Challenge starts January 6th, it's completely FREE to join, and when you do you'll get a bunch of exclusive content including access to a Q&A by yours truly answering all your burning fasting questions. To join just go to -: A formulation of 24 unique strains, each of which included at their clinically verified dose, to deliver systemic benefits in the body. Save 15% off your order when you use discount code: BEN15 -: kApex breaks down the fats you eat into fatty acids, which allows you to increase the fatty acid oxidation inside your mitochondria both in your muscle and liver. Get 20% off your order when you use coupon code: GREENFIELDKX -: I’ve been using Four Sigmatic products for a while now and I’m impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! Receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic purchase when you use discount code: BENGREENFIELD Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for my secret podcast guest or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
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