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402: What's Worse For The Planet - Vegetarianism or Carnivore?, How To Recover From A TBI/ or Concussion Fast, The Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise For Muscle & Much More!
Sep 5, 2019 · 1 hr 25 min
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Q&A Episode 402 Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the button at the bottom of the page (or go to ), or use the Contact button in the free . News Flashes.. ,but I still think there’s plenty of ancestral wisdom and practices to be derived from many of these places. by James Dinicolantonio and Joe Mercola BUT note that in study they were using push/pull routine with EIGHT freaking sets…so these were tough workouts. Eating meat is NOT destroying the planet…and here’s two good reasons why:  (The Conversation) and  (NPR) Special Announcements.. -  or ! Here's where I'm speaking and traveling around the world in the near future.. - - This podcast is brought to you by: -: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -: A plant-based beverage that helps support the body’s natural ability to produce collagen, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin from sun exposure and toxins. Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: "BENG20" -: You can be sure that I researched all the saunas before I bought mine and Clearlight was the one that stood out from all the rest because of their EMF and ELF Shielding and their Lifetime Warranty. Use discount code: BENGREENFIELD to get $500 off your sauna and a free bonus gift! -: With NetSuite, you save TIME, MONEY, and UNNEEDED HEADACHES by managing sales, finance and accounting, orders, and HR instantly- right from your desktop or phone. Click and download the free guide: “Seven Key Strategies to Grow your Profits”. Listener Q&A: Bone Broth vs. Eating Bones Kevin asks: Hi Ben, I like to eat a lot of tendons, cartilage, bone marrow and what not, as I know you like to. But I wonder if that's as effective a way of getting the nutrients as making a bone broth in the pressure cooker for 2-3 hours. In my response, I recommend: - (code GREENFIELD for 10% off) Spot-reducing belly fat? John asks: After being introduced to a high fat, low carb and intermittent fasting diet several years ago, I found it was easy to maintain an ideal body weight. Most of my body is pretty lean (160-170 pounds) but when I measure my stomach using a caliper, it seems to come in around 15%. I've always heard that belly fat is one of the last places men lose fat, but I'd rather not drop to 145 pounds just to see abs. There seems to be a community of people online who think you can spot-reduce fat. Do you think that's possible, and if so, what techniques would you recommend? In my response, I recommend: - - Localized Cryo - Localized Photobiomodulation - How To Recover From A TBI/Concussion Fast Mark asks: A good friend of mine just got into a really serious car accident. She's been told she has some minor brain damage that's going to be permanent as well as some spinal injuries. I was thinking about some of the interviews you've had with Rhonda Patrick and other experts, and I knew there was some nutritional advice you gave regarding brain injuries. Can you give a brief summary of what you would advise for a recovery program for my friend? Visit  for a comprehensive treatment of this question.  Giveaways & Goodies - This week's top iTunes review - gets some BG Fitness swag straight from Ben - ! Prior to , do a search in the upper right-hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness! -----------------------------------------------------
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