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378: The 30 Second Fat Loss Trick, The Brain Shrinking Myth, Does Weed Lower Testosterone & Much More.
Jan 18, 2018 · 1 hr 21 min
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Jan 18, 2017 Podcast: 378 - The 30 Second Fat Loss Trick, Does Weed Lower Testosterone, Do Exogenous Ketones Actually Put You Into True Ketosis, Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes. Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to ), use the Contact button on the , call 1-877-209-9439, or use the “” form at the bottom of this page. News Flashes: [5:15] In the news flashes, Ben mentions the book "" and the  - use code greenfield to get $200 off Here’s a cool, . Guess what? as you age. for recovery (turns out a lot of studies don’t use enough pressure). Kettlebell swings for . Holy cow. Turns out that you CAN take antioxidants after exercise without impacting fitness - . You can receive these News Flashes (and more) every single day, if you follow Ben on , , , and . Special Announcements: [38:50] This podcast is brought to you by: -Purathrive - Go to to automatically get 15% off on Curcumin Gold or Radiant C (a liposomal vitamin C that actually tastes GOOD), or anything else that tickles your fancy. -Freshbooks -  FreshBooks is offering a 30 day, unrestricted free trial to my listeners. To claim it, just go to and enter BEN GREENFIELD FITNESS in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section. -Gainswave - During this holiday season, give yourself a gift with GAINSWave. To get more info on GAINSWave and to save $150 off your first treatment, text the word Greenfield to 313131. -, and get ready for some epic stories on his morning, daily and evening routine! What did you miss this week? A clay mask, a park workout, a morning routine change-up, an epic post-race salad and more. Ben's Adventures: -NEW! -January 26-28, 2018: California Jam combines a TED talk format with chiropractic education and a rock n’ roll show! Over two dozen speakers, who are experts and innovators in their field, take the stage throughout the weekend as two live bands play in between. The driving objective of the event is to get attendees up to date on chiropractic research, scientific studies, and useful practice management strategy. The hope is that attendees bring all they learn at Cal Jam back to their communities to implement real, rippling change. ! -March 2, 2018: Academy of Regenerative Practices Winter Conference & Scientific Seminar @ Weston, FL, USA. ! Giveaways & Goodies: -Grab your  that comes with a tech shirt, a beanie and a water bottle. -And of course, this week's top iTunes review - gets some BG Fitness swag straight from Ben - ! ------------------------------------------ Listener Q&A: [38:20] As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by , the Podcast Sidekick. The 30 Second Fat Loss Trick Randy says: I recently read a study that fascinated me - and seemed a little too good to be true. The participants did a 30 second sprint (I think it was on a bike) in a fasted state. And that is all. And this resulted in fat loss. The concept being that sprinting in a fasted state increases leptin receptors which makes your body think that leptin levels are high therefore it blunts your appetite and raises fat metabolism. I wondered if you knew anything about this concept? In my response, I recommend: - - Does Weed Lower Testosterone? Brian says: I am looking at a study from 1979 called "". They found that THC and CBD actually inhibited testosterone production in the rats. This seems like bad news for those of us who use those. So I wanted to get your thoughts on it and any other research you might know about. In my response, I recommend: - - Do Exogenous Ketones Actually Put You Into True Ketosis? Lele says: I am wondering if the products that contain ketone salts (like Ketoburst) put you into actual ketosis (the kind that comes from the liver and blood) or is it is a false ketosis? Are they the same thing or is one better than the other? In my response, I recommend: - - - - - Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes Margie says: I am looking for some advice on lowering the effects of menopause (hot flashes and dry lady parts) by using flax seeds and soy lecithin granules. I have been taking 3 tbsp of fresh ground flax for a month and have noticed softer hair and better facial skin tone. I want to add 3 tbsp of soy lecithin as well. Am I on the right track? Is this a good idea for daily consumption? I am 54 years old and in super terrific physical shape! In my response, I recommend: - - - - - - - Prior to asking your question, do a search in upper right-hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness!  
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