585. Doug Scott
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Doug Scott, LCSW, works as a mental health counselor in his private practice in Dallas, Texas.  After graduating from college in 1997, he served as an international volunteer for two years in Bluefields, Nicaragua. This intense experience changed his life and he returned to the US to pursue graduate studies in clinical social work and pastoral ministry at Boston College. The nexus of spirituality and psychology have always intrigued Doug since childhood and he brings this sensibility to his counseling practice.

Doug grew up Catholic and was always drawn to the mystical lineage within this belief system.  He had experiences with Jesus, Mary, and angels at an early age. He was also secretly attracted to all things paranormal and would spend many hours reading topics such as reincarnation, ufology, OBE’s, NDE’s, ghosts, ESP, pyramids, and other areas.

One evening in 2013, he felt a presence that invited him to listen to a Buddhist chant, which came as a surprise since, at that time, he had not explored other faith systems. He was guided to listen to Om Mani Padme Hum and as the chant unfolded, Doug saw a golden dew overshadow him and activate him in a way that was new.  This marked the next chapter in Doug’s life.

A few months later, Doug was led to the Law of One material and immediately saw that it provided the clearest, most undistorted, exploration of the Perennial Philosophy that he’d ever come across. It also cast a wide net to include all of the paranormal things that intrigued him and made it possible for him to put all of the different threads in his life together in one seamless garment.

Since 2015, Doug has written a blog (cosmicchrist.net) that explores the synthesis of the Law of One material with mystical Christianity and psychology.  He sees his vocation in this lifetime as a bridge-builder between conventional concepts and cosmic metaphysics to help people who seek clarity, normalization, and validation for their own journeys.

Main points discussed:

 	Tapping into the imaginal realms, the subtle realms, through the “heart-eyes.”
 	The chakras of the Logos, God, are densities. Densities are different bandwidths of consciousness.
 	Nature of the Infinite Creator as sentient Love, or Logos.
 	Diversification within the Holographic Universe allows the Infinite Creator to experience Itself, infinitely.
 	Christianity’s need to move into the mystical and nondual
 	Consciousness is measured through degrees of knowing we are one with all, with God, and are God experiencing creation.
 	Brief descriptions of God’s chakras (“densities”).
 	Pantheism AND Panentheism are both true.
 	Third density’s veil-of-forgetting leads to development of faith, notions such as “Original Sin,” and more intense experiences for third-density humans.
 	The novel idea of “finity” against the backdrop of infinity is a way for the Infinite Creator to experience Itself.
 	Many people have incarnated to be midwives to help birth Earth’s 4th.
 	Shift into 4th density is a gradual process that includes an ever-increasing number of 3rd/4th densities double-bodied people.
 	Some of Doug’s background:

 	1) dual master's program at Boston College in clinical social work and pastoral ministry,
 	2) childhood UFO encounter,
 	3) alcohol recovery leads to greater self-insight,
 	4) mystical experience in 2013 of Om Mani Padme Hum and the golden dew,
 	5) Law of One material (lawofone.info) and Daskalos material (researchersoftruth.org)

 	Brief description of Wanderers: humble servants from 4th, 5th, or 6th density who incarnate in 3rd density to aid.
 	Jesus as a Wanderer had a unique mission known as the Jesus Event.
 	The greatest service as an awakening being is to embrace the full plenum of God disguised as our life and ordinary things. Nothing “up there” that is not fully present “down here.”
 	Triune nature of the Infinite Creator: Transcendent to all things, Incarnated as all things,
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