Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged
Oct 28, 2020
Why Bodybuilders Have So Much Muscle w/ Coach Kassem, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Travis Mash - Barbell Shrugged #516
1 hr 23 min

Barbell Shrugged’s “Functional Fitness Bundle” is for the functional fitness athlete that wants to improve their strength, gymnastics, weightlifting and build a bigger engine in six weeks.


Program Goals:

  • Improve Gymnastics
  • Increase Raw Strength
  • Master Olympic Lifts
  • Brutal Anaerobic Endurance Metcons
  • Build Aerobic Capacity
  • Peak for the CrossFit Open


What you get: Seven Functional Fitness, Goal Specific Training Programs


  1. Gymnastics Focused Functional Fitness - 6-Week Gymnastics Focused CrossFit Program  ($47)
  2. Shrugged Functional Weightlifting - 6-Week Olympic Weightlifting Focused CrossFit Program ($47)
  3. Strength Bias Functional Fitness - 6-Week Strength Bias CrossFit Program ($47)
  4. Anaerobic Assault - 12-Week Anaerobic Engine Building Accessory Program ($47)
  5. Aerobic Monster - 12-Week Aerobic Capacity Accessory Program ($47)
  6. Open Prep - 7-Week Competition Prep Cycle ($47)
  7. Advanced Functional Fitness Workout Builder - 6-Week Advanced CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Template ($47)


Total Retail Value $329 for all 7 Programs.


This week only, get all seven programs for $97, saving you 70% off retail.


Use code “functional” at checkout to save 70%. 


7 Programs for the price of 2 saving you over $329.


Barbell Shrugged’s “Functional Fitness Bundle” is for the functional fitness athlete that wants to improve their strength, gymnastics, weightlifting and build a bigger engine in six weeks.


In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:


  1. Building private science lab for strength 
  2. How to accurately test strength and muscle
  3. How does hypertrophy correlate to performance
  4. Why don’t bodybuilders test 1 rep maxes
  5. Are bodybuilders actually strong?


Coach Kassem on Instagram

Anders Varner on Instagram

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Coach Travis Mash on Instagram




Training Programs to Build Muscle:


Nutrition Programs to Lose Fat and Build Muscle:


Nutrition and Training Bundles to Save 67%:


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The Revive Stronger Podcast
The Revive Stronger Podcast
Revive Stronger
178: The Improvement Season - Do you need a Goal?
We're back with another episode. This week we're talking about plans for our contest prep, reflecting on our own progress, how much rely on goal settings and much more. 00:00 Intro 01:46 Lower back rounding and deficit pulls 07:33 Plans for contest prep 10:39 Reflecting on own progress 23:12 Steve update 27:01 Upper limit of fat intake in a gaining phase? 33:59 How much do we rely on goal setting? 41:21 Physique as inspiration 50:36 Most common muscular imbalances 57:32 Giveaway Thanks, please comment, like and subscribe! COACHING: MEMBERSITE: WEBSITE: MINI CUT MOVEMENT: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: NEWSLETTER: YOUTUBE: __________________________________________________________________ If you want to support us via a donation, that's highly appreciated! Patreon • Don't like Patreon, go to Paypal! • __________________________________________________________________ Our Ebooks! Ultimate Guide To Contest Prep Ebook: • Primer Phase Ebook: • __________________________________________________________________ Stay up to date with the latest research and educate yourself! MASS (Research Review): • RP+ Membership: • JPS Mentorship • __________________________________________________________________ Books we recommend! Muscle & Strength Pyramids • RP Books • RP + Members site • For more • __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ When you're interested in online coaching, please go visit our website and follow the application form:
1 hr 2 min
Hybrid Unlimited
Hybrid Unlimited
Hybrid Unlimited
Ep 64 So Stefi Went To Racing School... Heres what happened
On todays episode we have all sit down and chat with Cesar Lorca our media director. A lot has been going on so we cover Stefi going to racing school, Stefis boxing, flying squirrels, Pageant queens, & the weirdest drug deal you have ever heard. Make sure to Subscribe/Rate/Review the Hybrid Unlimited Podcast. Your feedback matters and we read it! Head over to our Instagram @hybridunltd to let us know what you thought of this episode. Screenshot & share this episode in your stories, tag @hybridunltd @hybridperformancemethod @steficohen @hayden.bowe you never know when we might decide to surprise drop some Hybrid Apparel on you for vibin with us on the podcast. ----------------- Hybrid Performance Method is a collective of coaches and athletes who boldly pursue strength. Our training programs are for people who refuse to let themselves be defined by their training style and instead decide to unleash their full potential on the world. Our nutrition coaching is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life and unleash your performance potential while eating the foods you love and learning how to fuel your body. Look like a bodybuilder, Lift like a powerlifter & Move like a weightlifter. Join TEAM HYBRID LINKS: > Get free Hybrid Training Samples > Get Hybrid’s free nutrition guide, 5 Pillars of Performance Nutrition > Shop the latest Hybrid Apparel drop! CONNECT WITH TEAM HYBRID: @hybridunltd @hybridperformancemethod @hybridapparel_ @steficohen @hayden.bowe YouTube/StefiCohen
1 hr 5 min
The Strength Coach Podcast
The Strength Coach Podcast
Anthony Renna
Celebrating 13 Years and 300 Episodes with Michael Boyle, Sean Skahan, Shawn Windle, Sean Hayes, Sarah Cahill and Brijesh Patel
Brought to you by Highlights of Episode 300 "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment I got some of the original guests from the first few months on: Sean Skahan- Minnesota Wild (Episode 1- Anaheim Ducks) Shawn Windle- Indiana pacers (Episode 2- Indiana Pacers) Sean Hayes- University of Georgia (Episode 3- Buffalo Bills) Brijesh Patel- Quinnipiac University (Episode 5- College of the Holy Cross) Sarah Cahill- Movement in a Box (Episode 7- University of Oklahoma) I asked each guest: * Their career path over the last 13 years * 3 Things You have Learned in the last 13 years * One thing you would "do over" * 1-2 things you would tell an up and coming strength coach to be successful in the profession The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle We spoke about: * 3 Things You have Learned in the last 13 years * One thing he would "do over" * 1-2 things you would tell an up and coming strength coach to be successful in the profession TrainHeroic "Data Driven Coaching Segment" Adam Dawdy and Tim Robinson talk about "How athlete motivation changes over their customer life cycle (the difference between why you buy and why you stay)" Click here to start your Free 14 Day Trial. The Certified Functional Strength Coach Segment with Kevin Carr and Brendon Rearick Kevin continues a 3 part series on Movement as Medicine, discussing the wide array of benefits exercise has on physical, emotional and psychological health. Today's show Kevin talks about "The impact that grip strength can have as a predictor of your overall health and wellness" Get Certified! The Fit to Speak Segment with Jenny Rearick Jenny discusses "Virtual Communication and what you can do to make it a great experience for the people on the other end of the camera." Fit to Speak is where Great Coaches Go to be Great Speakers. Get the PDF that details the skills and steps Jenny spoke about here About "Be Like the Best" During the last 12 years of interviewing many strength coaches, fitness professionals, physical therapists and gym owners, Anthony Renna has accumulated a rolodex of “The Best of the Best” in the fitness profession. This book is a collection of interviews with some of those top successes. Through his conversations, you’ll learn how they evolved in their careers, what habits and traits they believe made them successful, their goal setting processes, how they get through the hard times everyone faces and even some books to read and people they recommend following. After each interview, you’ll find a challenge or action step based on an important takeaway from each interview. These are designed to encourage you to build the habits to Be Like the Best on your journey to dominating in this profession. As a fitness professional, you’re already making an impact in your clients, athletes and patients. This book will help you stand out in a crowded field and help guide you on the road to success. Go to for more info Thanks for Listening!
2 hr 28 min
Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation
Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation
Jason Ferruggia
#358: How to Defend Yourself Against Disease with Dr. Michael Lewis
Dr. Michael Lewis is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health. He is also a huge proponent of using proper nutrition for optimizing your gut health, building your immune system and safeguarding yourself from disease. Dr. Lewis shares simple and effective tips for boosting your immunity, discusses the mistakes that have been made during the pandemic and details a more effective approach going forward, and teaches you much more that will help keep you healthy and strong! Listen as we discuss: * Dr. Lewis’ background. [4:17] * Why “exercising” your immune system is the key to remaining healthy. [8:31] * Why good nutrition and exercise keep your immune system healthy. [9:46] * Avoid this if you don’t want to wreck your gut health. [12:40] * A simple way to ensure you’re buying healthy food at the grocery store. [15:32] * The ONLY diet ever scientifically proven to enhance cognition. [18:59] * Does he recommend limiting carbs? [20:11] * Does meal timing and intermittent fasting improve gut health and immunity? [21:10] * Supplements that help strengthen your immune system. [22:39] * Is high stress as harmful to your brain as chemotherapy? [31:03] * The BEST way to prevent contracting the virus (that no one in mainstream media is talking about.) [34:12] * Is what America is doing to stop the spread of the virus the exact opposite of what we should be doing? [36:10] * Why strength training becomes even more important as you age. [45:49] * Effective tips for stress management and better sleep. [47:52] This episode is brought to you by biOptimizers. Magnesium Breakthrough is the most potent, complete, first full spectrum magnesium formula ever created. If you want to beat stress, get fit, sleep better and recover faster you need full spectrum magnesium to complete your healthy lifestyle. They are running a special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday until Monday 11/30/20 that includes free shipping, up to 40% off select products, free bottles of MassZymes and P3OM and more! Go to and use the coupon code JAY10 to get yours while supplies last! This episode is also brought to you by Cured Nutrition. Cured Rise is a caffeine-free daytime CBD nootropic supplement. Infused with 9mg of Broad Spectrum CBD extract, it encourages sustained wakefulness and focus and promotes stress resilience. Cured Zen is a CBD sleep supplement that encourages relaxation, helps you ease away the stress of the day with all-natural ingredients and improves sleep quality. Click HERE to get yours today and use the coupon code, “Renegade” for a 15% discount. This episode is also brought to you by Trifecta Nutrition. Make sticking to your nutrition plan simpler with organic, ready to eat and macro balanced meals shipped safely to your door! Go to and use the code ‘RENEGADE’ to save 30% off your first order!
1 hr 2 min
Mark Bell's Power Project
Mark Bell's Power Project
Mark Bell
EP.450 - Thanksgiving Recap and Mike Tyson's Return to Boxing
Today we're catching up on what we did over Thanksgiving weekend as well as recap the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match. Subscribe to the Podcast on on Platforms! ➢ Special perks for our listeners below! ➢LMNT Electrolytes: Purchase 3 boxes and receive one free, plus free shipping! No code required! ➢Freeze Sleeve: Use Code "POWER25" for 25% off plus FREE Shipping on all domestic orders! ➢Piedmontese Beef: Use Code "POWERPROJECT" at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $99 ➢Sling Shot: Enter Discount code, "POWERPROJECT" at checkout and receive 15% off all Sling Shots Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ Insta: ➢ ➢ Twitter: ➢ LinkedIn: ➢ YouTube: ➢TikTok: FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell ➢Mark Bell's Daily Workouts, Nutrition and More: Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ Instagram: Podcast Produced by Andrew Zaragoza ➢ Instagram: #PowerProject #Podcast #MarkBell
39 min
The Boom Boom Performance Podcast
The Boom Boom Performance Podcast
Cody 'Boom Boom' McBroom
Ep. 525: 17 Programming Principles That Come Before Volume & Intensity
I wrote THIS IG POST and immediately knew I needed to record an in depth podcast on the subject, because there are so many overlooked keys to great training and part of the reason they're so overlooked, is because people put too much faith in volume and intensity as standalone aspects. Not me and today, you'll learn why. Head over to enter code boom boom at checkout to save 20%, start earning loyalty points, and supplementing with the top supplement company on the market. Check out and enter code BOOM20 to save 20% on your meals (always fresh, never frozen - delivered right to your door). Apply for our World Renowned Coaching Program, RIGHT HERE. Join The Tailored Trainer (TCM's Membership Site) to gain full access to daily programming and a private coaching forum for guidance. Learn more at: OR download some free sample programs at: Remember to join our private FB community, RIGHT HERE. ASK BOOM-BOOM YOUR QUESTION HERE ---- THINGS MENTIONED: - Research Roundup (NSAID's and Hypetrophy) - Functional Muscle 2.0 - The Tailored Trainer ---- Apply For Coaching: Get Your Free Copy of The Nutrition Hierarchy, HERE Learn How We Coach: Read This Case Study Article Top 4 Episodes: - Nutritional Periodization - Nutrition FAQ - Training FAQ - My Story ---- You can get access to ALL of our content in one place, now: Check out all of our e-books by visiting Tailored Coaching Method Coaching Info: ---- Social Links: Blog – Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Email – As Featured on: Huffington Post,, The PTDC, Dr. John Rusin, Muscle For Life, HLHL, iN3, OPEX Fitness and More…
1 hr 2 min
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