Hunting Mountain Lions
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Do your part to minimize predation on the West's suffering mule deer population—and have a great adventure—by hunting mountain lions. 

This episode is all about cougars, and how to hunt them. 

First, an answer to multiple listener questions after the recent episode on Browning's addition of the 6.8 Western and .280 Ackley to the X-Bolt line of rifles: "Which should I pick?" 

Advantages of the 6.8 Western

Advantages of the .280 Ackley Improved


  • Populations and trends
  • Hunting methods
    • Hounds
    • Incidental
    • Spot & stalk
  • Where to hunt
  • DIY or Outfitted? 
  • Guns & Bows
  • Shot angles and kill zones
  • Skinning a cat
  • Can you eat a mountain lion? 
  • Taxidermy options


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Big Game Hunting Podcast
Big Game Hunting Podcast
John McAdams
131: 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 Remington Comparison
Article Referenced In Show: 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 Remington Review & Comparison Show Notes: Show Sponsor: Head over to and sign up for an INSIDER membership to get the information YOU need to craft a plan to fulfill your dream hunt out west. Use promo code BIGGAMEHUNTER when you sign up to get $50 in store credit at their gear shop. What We Covered 1) History of the 6.5 Creedmoor and 7mm-08 Remington cartridges. 2) How the cartridges compare to each other in terms of external dimensions, trajectory, recoil, and accuracy. 3) Compare ammo and rifle choices in each cartridge. 4) Pros and cons of hunting with each cartridge. Show Sponsor Due in part to all the craziness going on these days, more people are hunting than ever before and using a muzzleloader can give you unique access to special seasons and hunting areas where hunting pressure is lower. Hunting with a muzzleloader is also a really fulfilling and enjoyable way to enjoy the outdoors and expand your hunting opportunities. Fortunately, the Muzzleloaders 101 course makes learning to hunt with a muzzleloader easier than ever! The Muzzleloaders 101 course is an all-in-one solution where I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through the whole process of getting started hunting with a muzzleloader. I’ll help you decide what gear you need, help you SAVE money when you buy that gear, and teach you how to use all that stuff safely and effectively. Plus, we’re giving away a FREE muzzleloader to 1 of the first 100 people who sign up for the course. Head on over to and sign up for instant access.
27 min
Gritty Podcast
Gritty Podcast
Brian Call
*CODES* TREKKING POLES - SISSY STIX - SAVE 10% -- code: GRITTY - SHELTERS / STOVES -- SAVE 5% -- code: GRITTY - E-SCOUTING CLASSES -- online E-Scouting course - code: GRITTY - FOOD — BACKCOUNTRY FUEL BOX -- SAVE 10% -- code: GRITTY -- Backpacking foods galore! Check it out! Definitely worth it! -- PACK RAFT -- SAVE 10% at Alpacka Rafts -- code: GRITTY - GRILL — BIRCH BARRELL — SAVE 10% — code: GRITTY — BEDROLL — Ultra comfy, tough, canvas bedroll - code: GRITTY - MTNOPS SUPPLEMENTS: use code GRITTY at check out to save - GAITERS -- SAVE 10% -- code: GRITTY - CUSTOM ORTHOTICS -- Use code GRITTY. GOAT KNIVES -- Use code: GRITTYGOAT - MEALS HEATHERS CHOICE -- use code: GRITTY - BROADHEADS -- 10% off Valkyrie Archery -- code: GRITTY - GAME BAGS -- 10% off Grakksaw Game bags -- code: GRITTY - RIFLE COVER -- STHEALTHY HUNTER rifle cover - GRITTY SHIRTS and HATS - Follow Brian! Instagram BRIAN - Website GRITTY - SIGN-UP FOR OUR NEWS LETTER -
42 min
East Meets West Hunt
East Meets West Hunt
Beau Martonik
Ep. 170: E-Scouting Elk: Linking Together Elk Finding Concepts with Mark Livesay // Treeline Pursuits
On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is joined by Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits and owner of the Treeline Academy E-Scouting Masterclass. Mark has spent most of his life living in the midwest, but chasing elk every year in the west. E-scouting is extremely important for those of us that can’t get “boots on the ground”, so in this episode, we discuss the top 10 elk finding concepts and how to link them together to apply them to your own strategy. * Understanding the different e-scouting tools * Top 10 Elk Finding Concepts * Identifying huntable Meadows and Feeding zones * Canyons, Creeks and Drainages Rules * Linking elk finding features together * Organizing your waypoints and points of interest * Strategy to e-scouting * Dissecting fire zones * Beetle kill areas * What elk like to eat Resources: Instagram: @eastmeetswesthunt - @beau.martonik - @treeline_pursuits - Facebook: East Meets West Outdoors - - save $20 off of the E-Scouting Elk Masterclass with code EASTMEETSWEST Shop new apparel! Amazon Influencer Page Partners: onX Mapping at your finger tips on your phone, computer or GPS that will allow you scout harder, hunt farther and increase your success rates. This is the number 1 tool that I use every single time I'm in the woods or mountains. Use code EMW for 20% off of the Hunt app. Spartan Forge Forged in combat and tailored for hunters, Spartan Forge stands at the nexus of Machine Learning and White-tailed Deer hunting to deliver truly intuitive and science based products that save the hunter time spent scouting, planning and executing their hunts. Check out the Outfitter for deer movement predictions based on millions of data points for your area! Save 25% with coupon code eastmeetswest Heather's Choice Healthy, great tasting, dehydrated meals for the backcountry. Use code eastmeetswest to get free shipping on ALL orders. Maven Optics Top quality binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes for your hunts from east to west. Use the code eastmeetswest-gift get a free gift with your next order! MTN OPS MTN OPS is the leader in providing science based supplements to help you train inside and conquer more outside. Use the code BEAUFREESHIP for free shipping on all orders. TETHRD The Tethrd Team has created the ultimate tree saddle hunting setup. The Phantom Saddle and Predator Platform system is truly the culmination of ideas & input from thousands of dedicated tree saddle hunting fanatics around the world.
1 hr 44 min
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