The Bang Radio Hour
The Bang Radio Hour
The Bang Radio Hour is the funniest NFL football podcast on the internet. John Tayman and Tom Lacks, creators of Bang Cartoons, take a fan's look at the NFl each week, minus the boring stats, and fanboy "Takes on the game" that bore the hell out of everyone. John and tom are convinced that the sports media landscape, while saturated, is bland, lifeless, and does not treat the average football fan with much credit. Let's face it.. athlete interviews are USELESS. You know what they will say before they say it because it's what they all say all the time. "Expert analysts" don't tell you anything. They dumb it down to the least common denominator of their audience. they repeat the same things over and over and over. You don't need that. if you want dopey interviews, listen to someone else. But if you want to listen to a couple of jackholes make fun of the dopey interview, well, you've found the right podcast. If you want "expert analysis".go away. This isn't for you. But if you want to laugh at all that.. click the Bang Radio Hour. This is not for kids, or your office, most likely.
The Bang Radio Hour
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