EP140: Playful Pathways to Success: Transforming Your Relationship, Parenting, and Business through Joyful Engagement featuring Lawrence Price
Play • 1 hr 19 min

This week I am joined by Lawrence Price, an esteemed online fitness coach, as he merges mindfulness and breathwork with high-performance training.


In this captivating podcast, Lawrence delves into the power of playfulness as a catalyst for personal growth and enhanced decision-making.


Together, we'll explore the intersection of mindfulness and fitness, creating a sacred space where life force expands, empowering us to thrive in the outside world.

Key Topics Explored:

  1. Unveiling the Magic of Playfulness in Your Relationships
  2. Playfulness as an Antidote to Conflict and Arguments
  3. Discerning the Right Moments for Playfulness
  4. Infusing Playfulness into Parenting: Unleashing Joyful Connections
  5. Cultivating Playfulness in Your Dating Life: Reimagining Connections
  6. Unmasking the Dance Between Playfulness and Depth
  7. The Power of Self-Awareness in Embracing Playfulness

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey where mindfulness, playfulness, and self-awareness converge to ignite profound shifts in your relationships, parenting, and personal growth.

Connect With David - The Authentic Man:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theauthenticman_/   Website: https://www.theauthenticman.net/   For Coaching: hello@theauthenticman.net   Newsletter: https://www.theauthenticman.net/home-subscribe 

Connect With Lawrence Price:

Instagram: @LawrencePrice_ Personal website, https://www.lawrenceprice.co.uk/  Online Fitness Programme: https://www.lawrenceslifeclub.com/ 

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