EP141: Everything you need to know to beat Imposter Syndrome featuring Jenny Devonshire
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Do you want to stop feeling like an impostor?

Jenny Devonshire is a sports and exercise psychologist with a focus on imposter syndrome, performance, building resilience and behaviour change. She has been helping people, organizations and teams succeed for over 8 years and understands the demands that the environment can place on the human body, and just how to keep its delicate systems in balance. 

Key topics include: 

⭐️ Impostor syndrome. How do we overcome it? How do we tame it?

⭐️ Actionable steps to take in your life to beat your imposter syndrome.

⭐️ What causes the feeling of imposter syndrome? What are the common activating events? 

⭐️ How impostor syndrome affects people's dating lives and relationships?

⭐️ We talk about the link between praise and imposter syndrome.

⭐️ The link between masculinity and imposter syndrome

⭐️ How meditation and various kinds of mindfulness techniques can help with impostor syndrome. 


Connect With David - The Authentic Man:


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Connect With Jenny Devonshire:

Instagram - @jennycdevonshire

LinkedIn: - Jenny Devonshire

Personal website - Pause2perform


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