160 | Claire Holt shares her Missed Miscarriage, Vaginal Delivery of James and her Challenges with Breastfeeding
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In today’s special episode for International Women’s Day, I chat to Australian actress Claire Holt. Claire lives in LA with her husband, Andrew and their baby boy, James.


After spending close to 15 years on birth control, it took Claire’s body six months to establish a regular period once she went off the pill. On her second cycle, much to her shock and delight, she conceived.


At her 10week scan she discovered that she’d experience a missed miscarriage (a miscarriage with no symptoms) and she admits that the experience was incredibly traumatic.


"I don’t know how to describe it; it was such an overwhelming sense of loss and it was so much more significant than I had ever realised. I knew that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage but…It almost diminishes the weight of it because it’s so common…I just didn’t realise how quickly you become attached to the baby,” she says.


Claire had a D+C and talks about the importance of grieving and healing. She wasn’t ready to fall pregnant straight away so she took a few months to get her body and mind back before she decided to try again.


James was conceived 5 months later and whilst Claire was elated, she was also fraught with anxiety. “I took pregnancy tests everyday, I got a blood test and was desperate for an early ultrasound. Each time I had a scan I was so panicked that I’d see a baby without a heartbeat. I was anxious until the moment he was in my arms.”


Claire experienced a relatively smooth pregnancy although she showed early and James measured big, hence she was overwhelmed by the comments from people remarking on her size. Never perturbed, she continued to see her OBGYB and doula, who both guided her through her anxieties and fears.


She scheduled an induction at 39weeks to fit with her OBGYN’s schedule and to give herself the best opportunity to have a natural birth (considering James’ size). After experiencing a week of false labour, she had a stretch and sweep and lost her mucus plug mere hours later. Induction began at midnight that night and by 5am the next morning her cervix had softened so her OB decided to insert a foley balloon to soften and open the cervix which Claire admits was the most excruciating pain she has ever experienced.


By 8am her OB decided to break her waters which intensified the contractions and whilst Claire was adamant that she wanted a drug-free labour, by noon she conceded that she couldn’t do it anymore. She opted for a walking epidural that really took the edge off her contractions but still allowed her to stay mobile. Unfortunately after three to four hours she hadn’t progressed so she was given pitocin which helped get her to 10cm.


“The pushing process was this really amazing, primal feeling. I had a room full of amazing women - nurses, my doula, my OB…and to be surrounded by these women who were guiding me to bring this baby earthside, was magical.”


Claire only pushed for 10minutes but James had shoulder dystocia so the OB used his hand to manoeuvre his shoulder and he was born shortly afterward. Claire only had one small tear which she credits to her OB’s use of oil and massage during delivery.


After a few nights in hospital, Claire headed home confused thanks to conflicting messages from the midwives about breastfeeding. So began a challenging experience that included a tongue tie, allergies and limited supply due to stress.


Claire’s postpartum experience was overwhelming and anxiety-ridden. “I was so terrified that James would suffocate in the night…I had this crazy, awful image that someone in her my was going to stop breathing. I thought I was going to drop him or hurt him and I’d obsessively check the monitor if I wasn’t in the same room,” she says. She attributes her anxiety to the confluence of sleep deprivation and the almighty experience of bringing a baby into the world.


Being open and honest about her feelings early on was a catalyst for change. She had weekly appointments with her therapist, she opted to give up breastfeeding and when James started sleeping through at four months old, she recognised a significant shift in her mental health.


James is about to celebrate his first birthday and Claire is adamant that all mothers should do what’s best for them as well as what’s best for the baby.


Topics include: miscarriage, missed miscarriage, birth control, natural birth, OBGYN, foley balloon, induction, walking epidural, natural birth, shoulder dystocia, postpartum anxiety.

Beyond The Bump
Beyond The Bump
Beyond The Bump
We're back! - talking Christmas with kids, childcare, school holidays and so much more!
Beyond The Bump is a podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce! A podcast targeted at mums, just like you! A place to have real conversations with honest and authentic people. Welcome back to Beyond The Bump. We’re so excited to have you here!  In our fifty-seventh episode, we start off by chatting about our Chrissies and New Years. We then talk about everything from school holidays, daycare, and potty training to 2021 goals, mental health and postnatal depression.  We hope you absolutely love this episode! This episode of Beyond the Bump is brought to you by Fisher-Price: A massive thank you for Fisher-Price’s ongoing support and sponsorships of our wonderful podcast. For those of you who haven't listened to our bespoke five-part miniseries for Fisher-Price, head to any of the podcast apps and you can catch up on any of the Beyond Play episodes there. You will not be disappointed.  We chatted to Fisher-Price Play Lab experts during these episodes about different milestones and helpful ways to play with your children at each stage of life. We also chatted to inspirational mothers, Turia Pitt and Jacinta Franklin about all things motherhood. My personal favorite parts were their My Kids Did What and Parenting Confession segments because it made us all feel normal when our kids completely humiliate us, or when we completely screw up as parents.  We've been super lucky to work with Fisher-Price over the last year and we've really gotten to know and love their range of amazing products.  We’d like to highlight a collection of their amazing toys they called Linkimals. They're a super cute way to teach little ones about shapes, counting colors and first words. What could be better than a kid learning to count from a sloth? And what's better? When Linkimals animals get together, they all talk to each other. They sing, they light up. It's like a real-life Toy Story. If you have an infant or toddler, nine months or old, Linkimals is perfect for hands-on play, helping your bubs learn shapes, colors, numbers, and so much more. You can check out the full range of Fisher-Price Linkimals at Target. Follow us on instagram at @beyondthebump.podcast to stay up to date with behind the scenes and future episodes.
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The Spill
Mamamia Podcasts
WATCH CLUB: ‘Bump’ Will Make You Fall In Love With Aussie TV All Over Again
Welcome to this month's episode of Watch Club, where we indulge in a little deep dive into Stan's brand new original series Bump. Bump centres around Oly, an ambitious and high-achieving 16-year-old who has her entire life mapped out in front of her when she suddenly has a surprise baby.  Not a surprise pregnancy. A surprise baby.  It's about embracing the unexpected and learning to love the messy, unplanned parts of your life. And it will make you fall in love with Australian TV all over again.  This podcast is full of spoilers so we advise that you watch the series first and then listen to this episode. We would also love to know your thoughts on it too, so join us in our Facebook group for further discussion. The Spill is Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast that catches you up on everything in entertainment and pop culture. It’s perfect for your commute home. CREDITS Hosts: Laura Brodnik & Kee Reece Producer: Madeline Joannou Watch the brand new original series Bump now, only on Stan. WANT MORE? Join us in our Facebook group to discuss everything pop culture... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2524018781153963/ Read all the latest entertainment news on Mamamia... https://mamamia.com.au/entertainment/ Follow us on Instagram @mamamiaentertainment https://www.instagram.com/mamamiaentertainment/  Subscribe to our Celebrity Newsletter...  https://www.mamamia.com.au/subscribe/ Join our Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/mamamiaentertainment/ GET IN TOUCH Call us on the pod phone 02 8999 9386.  Email us at thespill@mamamia.com.au  Want to hear more Mamamia podcasts? You’ll find them here... https://mamamia.com.au/podcasts Mamamia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Land we have recorded this podcast on, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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After Work Drinks
After Work Drinks
Isabelle Truman & Grace O'Neill
A Very Ultra Summer With... Mavournee Hazel
Hello angels. In the latest installment of our #VeryUltra summer, we’re talking to the talented, wonderful Mavournee Hazel. Mav is, to us, the definition of ‘Very Ultra’—firstly, just, aesthetically (if you’re one of her 90,000 Instagram followers you’ll already be obsessed with her style). More importantly, she is one of Australia’s most talented young actresses, regularly dubbed ‘The Next Margot Robbie’. That’s, in part, because she had a three-year stint on Neighbours, and has recently broken out on her own starring in the critically acclaimed Aussie drama series Halifax: Retribution. Refreshingly, Mavournee says her sights aren’t necessarily set on cracking it in Hollywood—she has a long-time love of the Australian film and TV, and is passionate about supporting the local industry. She’s also an advocate for diversifying our media landscape, and—inspired by the likes of Phoebe Waller-Bridge—has aspirations to produce and direct projects about complicated female characters. Mavournee is hilarious, a total open book, and extremely candid about her own mental health struggles—we absolutely adored this conversation and can’t wait for you to listen.  This episode is bought to you by our friends at Ultra Violette, who have partnered with After Work Drinks for the whole summer. Enter the code AWD10 at the checkout to receive 10% off your next order (excludes limited edition sets, can be used once, and not in conjunction with other offers).   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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This Glorious Mess
This Glorious Mess
Mamamia Podcasts
Big Kids: How Two Aussie Mums Made Thousands More Feel Seen
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Lady Startup Stories
Lady Startup Stories
Mamamia Podcasts
BONUS: The Evolution Of Zoe Foster Blake
We're dropping into your feed to share an episode of No Filter that we think you might like, with Zoe Foster Blake.  How do you become an accidental entrepreneur? Why is friendship so important in a marriage? Why is infidelity not a deal-breaker in relationships? And how do you juggle all the balls when your husband also makes a lot of things?  These were just some of the questions that Mia had during part two of her interview with Zoe Foster Blake. Listen to part one of Mia's interview with Zoe here: https://omny.fm/shows/no-filter/zoe-foster-blake-interview  THE END BITS You can find Zoe's new Audible original Clean Slate here: https://adbl.co/3e7CfSp  And you can get all of her books here: https://bit.ly/3e8KCNu  Follow Zoe Foster Blake on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/zotheysay/  GET IN TOUCH: Feedback? We’re listening! Call the pod phone on 02 8999 9386 or email us at podcast@mamamia.com.au Need more lols, info and inspo in your ears? Find more Mamamia podcasts here... https://www.mamamia.com.au/podcasts/ Check out our No Filter YouTube channel here... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvoiVNEFfHiJl8nC4NepRNw?view_as=subscriber CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman. You can find Mia on Instagram here and get her newsletter here. With thanks to our guest: Zoe Foster Blake Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff Assistant Production: Leah Porges  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
30 min
So Dramatic!
So Dramatic!
Megan Pustetto
Jamie Doran FINALLY responds to those shocking claims and ABUSIVE text messages he sent Niranga following their physical altercation!
*BONUS EPISODE* It's the tea you have all been waiting patiently for... Jamie Doran FINALLY responds to the shocking claims Niranga made about him on So Dramatic! and the string of abusive text messages he sent Niranga following their physical altercation! If you have been living under a rock and you missed the drama, please go back and listen to the episode with Niranga before proceeding past this point! To recap quickly, there was a fight that occurred on Boxing day between a number of Bachelor boys from various seasons that ended with a physical altercation, Jamie sending Niranga a series of threatening text messages and Niranga kicking Jamie out of his house and changing the locks! Jamie responds to all of these claims and tells his version of the shocking sequence of events! I can't even begin to summarise this episode, so you'll just have to listen for yourself! So much drama, so little time! *TRIGGER WARNING*: This episode discusses emotional abuse and physical violence and may be triggering for some people. If you are struggling with mental health please reach out to a dedicated support line. Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 Lifeline - 13 1114 Headspace - 1800 650 890 This is an independent podcast by entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto, who is dedicated to bringing the hottest gossip to your ears each week! The best way you can support So Dramatic!, is by subscribing to this podcast and leaving a (gushing!) review and (five star!) rating! Please keep super spreading the word about So Dramatic! either verbally with friends (or with people who aren’t your friends!) and on social media with your followers (or haters!) or any other ways you can think of (like shouting it from the rooftop!) - you will be doing God’s work! Want more of the latest gossip? Follow So Dramatic! on Instagram (@sodramaticpodcast_ & @sodramaticmedia), Facebook (So Dramatic! The Podcast) and join the PRIVATE Facebook group (So Dramatic! Podcast). Got a hot tip, request, question, or receipts? Email (hello@sodramaticmedia.com). For everything else So Dramatic! (including the new MERCH!), head over to the brand new website www.sodramaticmedia.com For all media enquiries and partnerships contact: stephanie@slpmgmt.com.au and antony@diamantina.com.au. Thank you for supporting and listening to So Dramatic!. Ciao for now! Kind regards, Megan x
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Shameless Media
Drivers licenses and 'the Baldwinitos'
HELLO! MAN OH MAN ARE WE HAPPY TO BE BACK! And HELLOOOO to Thursday, you fresh, sexy day! So glad we could make it! What a delight! What a time! What a year! On today’s show: A big ‘ol recap of the stories that dominated this summer and boy do we have a show for you. From Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish controversy, to Armie Hammer’s deer heart ways, and Olivia Rodrigo’s viral chart-topping song - we’re covering every story we missed over the break. This week, Mich had a few watch recs! The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, Bump on Stan, and of course, Bridgerton on Netflix. Zara recommended you read Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. To read that Hilaria Baldwin interview in The New York Times, head here. Thank you so much to today’s sponsor, Sweaty Betty. For 20% off their Power Leggings and all other items, use the code ‘SHAMELESS’ at checkout here. If this is your first time checking us out (hey, you), we are an independent media company that is dedicated to telling young women’s stories. The best way to support Shameless is to click ‘Follow’ on your Spotify app, and to tell your mates about us. We will reward such good behaviour with a puppy! Not everything in this paragraph is true! To catch up on everything Shameless, head to our website www.shamelessthepodcast.com. We cherish your feedback on the show, and would bloody love to hear your wonderful voices. If you’d like to weigh in on an episode - whether it be a segment in our Thursday pop culture analysis, an In Conversation guest, or this month’s book club pick, we’d love for you to call our Shameless Hotline. You miiiiight just be featured on an episode. Thanks so much for lending us your ears for this episode! Have a great day! Stay hydrated! This episode was produced by Annabelle Lee for Shameless Media.
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