154 | Libby Trickett's Third Birth, Breech, ECV, Emergency Caesarean
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 In today’s episode, I talk to Libby Trickett about her third birth with baby Bronte. You can hear her first and second birth stories including details of high blood pressure, induction and post-natal depression in episode 106. 

After taking a year to fall pregnant with her second daughter, Edwina, Libby and husband Luke decided to start trying for their third baby sooner rather than later. Libby has PCOS and knows how difficult conception can be so no-one was more shocked than her when she fell pregnant within the first cycle. With a history of difficult pregnancies, including constant nausea and vomiting, Libby was grateful to experience a relatively easy pregnancy although she now admits that a smooth pregnancy definitely doesn’t make for an easy birth experience. She was under the care of Obstetrician Rob Butler and opted to birth at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane.

In her 34th week, Libby was diagnosed with high-blood pressure, the earliest she had ever developed it during her three pregnancies. For the first time she had to be medicated and was required to stay overnight for monitoring during her 35th week. Thankfully, she made it to 38weeks and opted to be induced to minimise the chance of developing pre-eclampsia.  

At 6am on the morning of induction, gel was applied to Libby’s cervix and so began a day of waiting. In the early afternoon, she made her way down to the birthing suite so her OB could check her. Her body usually takes a while to move into labour so she wasn’t surprised when she discovered that she hadn’t dilated but everyone was shocked to learn that baby Bronte had flipped from head down to breech.  To hear how Bronte’s birth unfolds tune into this great episode. 

PCOS, post-natal depression, high-blood pressure, induction, ECV, ARM, breech, emergency cesarean, hand presentation 
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