Episode #37 - Actively Bawling
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This right here is the Subjectify Media Special. In this episode, we let you know all about the founding of our new home, Subjectify Media, and look back together on the decade of podcasting and journalism on Hypable that brought us here. We've all shared a lot, working together, and we reflect on all the best things about that - the friendship, collaboration, travel, special events, skills gained, experiences, fandoms, the lot, while explaining what the plan and inspiration is for the new website. It's a wild ride through our sense of identity and accomplishment, and a huge introduction to what comes next.

If you have followed our writing and want to know what happened - this is the episode for you. We talk about the closure of Hypable, how the news made us all feel, and how we pulled ourselves out of the depths of despair in order to create something new and great! The key to all of this is how much we love fandom communities and the platform for engagement and discussion that Hypable provided, and Subjectify will continue to provide. Speaking of, Karen introduces her new podcast (another one!) that will focus on one of her lifelong loves, Percy Jackson.

In terms of gripes, Natalie tells us all about Subjectify brand name and ethos while highlighting the irony about "bias" in entertainment journalism. (Art is subjective. Critics are meant to be subjective! That being said, we don't plan to be negative, we just aren't going to apologise for our personal slant about what elements are important to us.) Karen lets people know just how tough, financially, being a freelance writer is these days, and how COVID has made it worse, and Kendra expresses contempt at exploitative clickbait headlines - which we never did on Hypable and won't be doing on Subjectify.

Natalie gives us two truths and a lie about some of the most ridiculous reader hate she's ever gotten, and our question of the day throws back to some of our most memorable work over the last few years.

#ANA - Ask NATW Anything: “Fave Hypable article OR one you now disagree with/want to change?”


This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought, Natalie Fisher and Kendra Cleary.

Not About The Weather skips the small talk to engage audiences with passionate, personal, in-depth discussion regarding the world of storytelling and entertainment. Featuring conversation, commentary and interviews with the Not About The Weather team and our special guests from all walks of life about whatever’s got us fired up this week, be it movies, music, memes, TV, theatre, books, baked goods or bad days at the office.

This podcast is the first general-interest, personality-based discussion show from a group of podcast hosts formerly dedicated to covering specific properties with a singular focus. In each episode, our Not About The Weather hosts and their guests will bring an obsession to share and a grievance to air from the their experiences in the world of pop culture, fandom, or sometimes, just plain old life.

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