S4 Ep3: No more uncertainty! How to turn your side hustle into a thriving business with Melissa Cash
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Ever felt like you aren’t doing enough and that you want to have a greater impact on your community and on the world?

Or maybe that you’ve peaked in your role and you’re ready for the next challenge?

On today’s show my guest Melissa Cash had exactly those feelings and transitioned from working in a demanding role and juggling a side hustle with friends, to going all in.

In this episode, we get to go on the journey that deliver Melissa’s moments of clarity to help her understand what to do next and how to play to her strengths. We cover it all, serendipitous moments, career highs and lows. Each and every one has helped her to understand when the biggest opportunity of her life was starting her in the face, to become a Co-founder and CEO of Pok Pok.

In this episode we will show you how to clear the confusion and find your new direction.

Join us and learn how to:
- Build a business that inspires you and uses your strengths
- Take risks to give you more energy and move yourself ahead
- Spot the signs you could secure crazy big funds for your start up

We dive deep into: 
- What you need to know to push through the fear of starting 
- Why gaining customer feedback is the single best thing you can do
- How your network will be your best resource and how to use it to keep going
- Why being oversubscribed in your first round is a bad thing and what to do about it
- How to spot when your timing and opportunity line up perfectly and go big
- The simple productivity hack for Melissa and her team that you can action today

Stay with us to the end to hear what Melissa believes is the key to success to skyrocket building the business and life you love.

We'd love to to hear your biggest aha moment on this show and we'd love to see you take action too. Come and join us on the Snippets of Genius LinkedIn Community and connect with more SaaS founders who are making it big. 

Pok Pok: a children’s ed-tech company on a mission to helping raise the next generation of creative thinkers through play

Connect with Melissa Cash @melissacash_ on Twitter

The good go-to tools that inspire Melissa:

Listen to: How I Built This by Guy Raz

Read: The book that flipped a switch on life for Melissa -  Know your value by Mika Brzezinski

Turn it on and up real loud: :This is me by Keala Settle featured on the greatest showman
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