S1 Ep7: How to achieve authentic well-being and thrive - with Nat Lipecka
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Today’s guest wants you to thrive, but what does that mean? 

Nat Lipecka, Life and Performance Coach at Everwell, takes us on her own journey from a successful career that nearly broke her spirit to gaining the clarity she needed to break free, reinvent herself, and expand her potential.  Today she is thriving and helping other high performing professionals to do it too.

The right process, strategy and support is CRITICAL to achieve everything you want in life and more. Get these right and the rewards of living your life, your way, is limitless. 

In today’s episode Nat shares the moments that make the journey worth it, the signs you need to look for, and the moments to treasure. 

Tune in and you will learn: 

  • The start-up philosophy you need to embrace to really move the needle in your business now.  
  • When building the business over the weekend isn’t right and you need to take the leap
  • How you can show-up and do the work -  even when you’re in lockdown. 
  • Why finding the energy is not the hard part when starting a business 
  • How to figure out your business idea fast 
  • The key points you need to consider before taking your first client
  • Why your rational brain is keeping you stuck
  • The attributes to look for in your first clients 
  • The 3 questions you need to ask yourself to know if you’re on your best path to success

Make sure you listen to the end for Nat’s advice. It’s the snippet of genius she gives to her clients to speed up progress and achieve your very own version of success and thrive in work and life. 

Although, there is no straight line to success, the most important thing is you make that choice. Decide now to start living without compromise, start living authentically and be the very best you can be. 

As Nat says:  “sometimes you just gotta do what will sustain you for now, but the key is you just gotta keep looking out for it”.

Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you enjoy this episode and most importantly take action from it. 

Let me know your biggest A-ha! moments, or share with me your questions. 

Chat soon 

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