S1 Ep5: Is it insane to start a business in the midst of the pandemic? Interview with Lucy Nelson
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Whatever life throws at us, this always brings up new customer needs or simply creates a bigger need. 

In today’s show we talk about starting not one but two businesses, which both solve a real customer pain -  mental, physical, emotional and everything in between.

My guest is Lucy Nelson, Director & CEO of 2XN, A healthcare marketing and business development agency and Co-founder of The Life Plan; a bespoke online fitness, nutrition and wellness platform - launched in mid-2020. 

Lucy is a born risk taker, who by her own admission can’t sit still for long. After the pandemic rolled in and her first business had her full team put on furlough, she dove deep into her passion for sports and started her life-long-dream of a business with her bestie. 

Whether or not you're struggling to decide on your next move or next business idea, this episode is guaranteed to inspire! Lucy will give you some of the answers you’ve been hunting for, from the how to the what, when and why and how she put it all into action full throttle. 

Buckle up for her fast paced start-up journey. 

Tune in and learn 

  • How to take your experience and amplify it to create a business fast 
  • Why when you’re willing to dive deep everything you need to start is at your fingertips
  • When you might think you’ve failed but in fact, you’re doing better than you think
  • What personality traits to look for in your co-founder 
  • The critical steps to creating your minimal viable product (MVP) 
  • Why scaling back can be the best thing for your business - and sanity! 
  • How when you get it right, you can go from dreaming about going live to bringing in your first customer in under 2 hours. 
  • The best way to develop your proposition and launch with impact 
  • The trials and tribulations of name development and how you will know it’s the right one

There is never a perfect time to start a business, you need to go for it. Believe in yourself and that everything you've done up to now has led you to this point in your life. 

As Lucy says: 

‘Don’t be scared of change. Just because you have a plan, and you have it in your head that something needs to be done a certain way. It doesn’t matter that it changes. Change is good, at the time you might feel like you failed, but you haven’t, it’s going to help everything in the long run”.

The truth is:  You’ve got to adapt. 

Your dream business is out there waiting for you to take action. 

Make it happen! 

Learn more about Lucy here: https://yourlifeplan.co.uk
Connect with me here: https://carolinekay.co

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