2: Hire Us without the White Gaze. Ask For Business Equity in Corporate America.
35 min
The band aid has been ripped off Corporate America in their hiring practices and they need to be held accountable. This episode of business equity was recorded just after the first week of rioting in the United States. I have been in tears, traumatized and pissed off, to get my strength up to talk about the systemic racism that is Silicon Valley and how it's literally running the world outside of government. I have been a part of and seen it as a contract worker and hired employee. Why is this not talked about or relevant? Because there are not many of us, POC, in those technology arenas to hold leaders/product teams accountable OR we don't want to make waves. Leaders are not being asked to change their thinking in technology. That's one "Moon Shot" they, C-Suite Executives, don't want to do. I hope many of you who listen to this podcast, and are in positions of D&I and HR, can call out the "elephant" in the room to make the necessary changes that can help rebuild trust and investment into communities of color. Hold them accountable!  We've lived under the white gaze for to long and without business equity. 
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