106: Sebastian Vettel on life outside F1, changing priorities and leaving Ferrari
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He’s a four-time world champion and racing icon, yet Sebastian Vettel’s fiercely private nature means we don’t know as much about him as we do many of his rivals, whose lives are plastered all over social media. On this week’s show, we get to know the German racer a little better, discovering how his attitude to F1 has shifted over his 250 Grand Prix starts, finding out how he likes to spend his time away from the track, getting his thoughts on leaving Ferrari and joining Aston Martin, and learning his views on risk, happiness, the environment, parenthood and much more…
Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories
Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories
The Race Media Ltd
S3 E7: Raikkonen's controversial F1 arrival
SPECIAL GUEST: Kimi Raikkonen's Sauber engineer from 2001 - Jacky Eeckelaert! Sauber made waves over the winter of 2000-01 when it decided to sign a young Finn straight out of Formula Renault, with only 23 car races to his name. In the space of 12 months Kimi Raikkonen went from testing an F1 car for the first time - and impressing Michael Schumacher in the process - to signing for McLaren to replace two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen. Jacky Eeckelaert shares stories from inside Sauber, from the moment the team first gave Raikkonen a run-out at Mugello, to all the fuss about him being granted a superlicence - and why FIA president Max Mosley voted against it. Jacky also explains how big a mark Raikkonen made from the first time he sat in an F1 car, why Sauber never had any doubts about him being ready for F1 despite his lack of experience, how quickly he settled in during his rookie season - plus the story of how he tried to reattach his steering wheel when it came off at Imola, and kept his foot flat on the accelerator the whole time while doing so! We then plot the inevitability of Raikkonen's departure from Sauber just one year into a three-year deal, as McLaren and Ferrari went to battle for his services. Mark Hughes joins Jacky and host Glenn Freeman to explain what made Raikkonen stand out as soon as he joined the F1 grid, and why choosing silver over red was the right move for 2002. We also look at the other McLaren-contracted drivers who thought they were in with a shot of that drive, including one man who was told the seat was his before Raikkonen signed! ASK US ANYTHING: Get your questions in for our series finale on anything to do with F1 from 1989-2005 by using #BringBackV10s on Twitter, or leave us a five-star podcast review and ask your question there!
1 hr 16 mins
Inside Line F1 Podcast
Inside Line F1 Podcast
Inside Line F1 Podcast
Drive to Survive S3: Storylines We Would Love To See But May Not Get To
Netflix has made 'looking back' at the previous Formula 1 season very cool with it's F1-only show, Drive to Survive. 19th March is when Season 3 releases - a highly anticipated opening. Understandably, the current chatter is about the storylines Season 3 of Drive to Survive will showcase. In this episode of the *_Inside Line F1 Podcast_*, Soumil and Kunal are joined by FIA-accredited journalist Niharika Ghorpade. The trio discuss storylines they would love to see in Netflix's F1 documentary...but may not get to. Typically, Netflix will focus on driver-team rivalries, hero/zero moments and other politically correct events. But could the show focus on Ferrari's 'settlement' with the FIA around their power unit saga or how Mercedes rose to Ferrari's power unit challenge. Will the ever-honest and Netflix-star Guenther Steiner reveal the real reason behind signing Nikita Mazepin? We would also love to see how Red Bull Racing used their political clout to get Formula 1 to sign off an engine freeze from 2022. And of course, Ferrari's fair(?) treatment of Sebastian Vettel throughout the 2020 Formula 1 season. There are several such interesting & alternative events discussed in this week's episode that we would hope to see in Season 3 of Driver to Survive. Have a moment or two of your own that you'd like to see on the Netflix-F1 documentary? Write to us via the *_Inside Line F1 Podcast Facebook page_* and we will read out your views in the next episode. Tune in! _(Season 2021, Episode 05)_ Follow our hosts on Twitter: *_Niharika Ghorpade_*, _Soumil Arora__ _and *_Kunal Shah_* _Music courtesy: _*_Lucien Byfieldt_* _Image courtesy: Red Bull Content Pool_
1 hr 10 mins
HLTV Confirmed
HLTV Confirmed
HLTV Confirmed S5E28 | Aleksib talks OG issues, ISSAA criticism, roster change & bootcamp plans
Aleksib joins HLTV Confirmed during a poor period for his team, talking about the criticism leveled at OG, the calls for player changes and a map pool overhaul, and explains what is stopping them from having a bootcamp at the moment. The Finnish caller also talks about the ENCE situation, games at IEM Katowice, and the most underrated players in the scene. ➡️ Connect with us: https://twitter.com/HLTVconfirmed 📺 Join the discussion and watch live: https://twitch.tv/HLTVorg 🎧 Listen to audio podcast (Spotify, iTunes, Google): https://anchor.fm/hltv 0:00​ - Podcast intro  Hot seat with Aleksib 3:15​ - Introducing Aleksib, OG reaching #6 in the world 7:15​ - Player break and preparations 14:37​ - 2021 slump (summit, BLAST, Katowice) 17:04​ - ISSAA’s ping issue and playing in the online era 19:47​ - 6-man roster, bootcamp, org’s capabilities  23:15​ - ruggah’s ban and the coach situation 28:13​ - Making comms public - is it good? 30:50​ - Aleksib’s role and OG’s map pool 34:40​ - ENCE situation & the Finish scene Recent news 37:54​ - suNny leaves ENCE, new project incoming? 43:15​ - Omaken acquires Heroic  44:08​ - apEX return to Vitality roster IEM Katowice 50:42​ - IEM schedule & format 58:01​ - Play-in: mouz’s performance 1:02:53​ - Complexity falter 1:05:16​ - NiP’s great start at IEM 1:15:07​ - CIS teams continue to impress 1:25:17​ - Liquid to semis with FalleN’s calling 1:30:51​ - Astralis in playoffs, Bubzkji out of the picture? 1:36:11​ - FaZe’s first impression with karrigan 1:46:47​ - How will the playoffs go?  Playtime 1:54:26​ - Underrated players & SANJIing utility 1:58:51​ - When should you make a player change? 2:02:45​ - Final words HLTV Confirmed is a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) talk show featuring Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill, Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, and Milan "Striker" Švejda, with guest appearances from community members such as TaZ, GeT_RiGhT, device, Maniac, Pimp, HenryG, YNk, JW, smooya, seang@res, and more. The show is based around interviews, breakdowns, analysis, and discussions about the esports and casual side of Counter-Strike. https://twitter.com/HLTVconfirmed​ https://twitter.com/LukasWiinholt​ https://twitter.com/SPUNJ​ https://twitter.com/professeur_cs​ https://twitter.com/AleksibCSGO​ #HLTVConfirmed​ #podcast​ #csgo​
2 hrs 3 mins
Speed Secrets Podcast
Speed Secrets Podcast
Ross Bentley: Performance & Race Driver Coach
181 – Brian Bohlander: How to Land a Racing Sponsor
On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, Brian Bohlander, racer and director of sports marketing for the company that owns PEAK Antifreeze, joins me to discuss what to do (and not do) to land a motorsport marketing partner/sponsor. Want to know the biggest mistake racers make? Tune in to find out! Brian’s Speed Secret: Reach out and ask people in the sport for opportunities. Check out Brian Bohlanderbelow: https://www.brianbohlander.com brianbohlanderracing.com Brian Bohlander is an industry veteran who has successfully led brand sponsorship activation programs within professional motorsports with drivers, teams, and major global series. He also has over three decades as a champion club racing driver, instructor, and grassroots team owner ranging from karting to club road racing. His on-track accomplishments include winning three Thunder Roadster Series championships and 35 series wins in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). He’s won a WKA Manufactures Cup national event and most recently teamed to win class 5500 at the 2020 Mint 400. Off the track, Brian owns a race team, is a Motorsports Safety Foundation (MSF) Certified Instructor, and NASA Great Lakes Region's Competition School Director. He also instructed at corporate driving programs including the Raybestos Rookie School. In 2019, Brian received the Forgeline Wheels Sportsman of The Year award from NASA Pro Racing for leading the development of grassroots racing drivers and working to elevate the professionalism of grassroots motorsports.
47 mins
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