86: Behind the Scenes of Reopening
21 min
After one of the most challenging years, the Trust is starting to nurture the green shoots of a new normal. Let us take you behind the scenes to witness the events and people that made our reopening possible.

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Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader's Quarterly
25: A Writer’s Territory
The Scottish nature writer Jim Crumley takes the Slightly Foxed team on a tour of literary landscapes, from the lochs of the Trossachs and the mountainous Cairngorms to Aldo Leopold’s sand county in Wisconsin and Barry Lopez’s Arctic. Together they trace the chain of writers who have influenced Jim, from Robert Burns and Wordsworth to Thoreau and Walt Whitman, and see nature through the eyes of his hero, the great Scottish naturalist and photographer Seton Gordon. They discuss how folklore has demonized the wolf while Jim believes its reintroduction could hugely benefit the ecology of the Scottish landscape. And finally they venture off the beaten track with this month’s wide-ranging reading recommendations. Please find links to books, articles, and further reading listed below. The digits in brackets following each listing refer to the minute and second they are mentioned. (Episode duration: 40 minutes; 24 seconds) Books Mentioned We may be able to get hold of second-hand copies of the out-of-print titles listed below. Please get in touch (mailto:jess@foxedquarterly.com) with Jess in the Slightly Foxed office for more information.  An Englishman’s Commonplace Book (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/an-englishmans-commonplace-book/) , Roger Hudson (1:14) A Boy at the Hogarth Press & A Parcel of Time (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/hogarth-press-richard-kennedy-plain-foxed/) , Richard Kennedy (6:40)  Jim Crumley’s Seasonal Quartet: The Nature of Autumn (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/jim-crumley-the-nature-of-autumn/) , The Nature of Winter (https://saraband.net/sb-title/the-nature-of-winter/) , The Nature of Spring (https://foxedquarterly.com/jim-crumley-the-nature-of-spring/) , The Nature of Summer (https://foxedquarterly.com/jim-crumley-the-nature-of-summer/) (11:03) The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland, The Charm of Skye and Amid Snowy Wastes, Seton Gordon are out print, but some Seton Gordon titles are available from Trieste Publishing (https://triestepublishing.com/) (14:11) A High and Lonely Place (https://foxedquarterly.com/jim-crumley-a-high-and-lonely-place/) , Jim Crumley (15:49) A Sand County Almanac (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/aldo-leopold-sand-county-almanac/) , Aldo Leopold (18:14) Arctic Dreams (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/barry-lopez-arctic-dreams/) , Barry Lopez (18:43) The Last Wolf (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/him-crumley-the-last-wolf/) , Jim Crumley (22:54) Highland River, Neil Gunn is currently out of stock at the publisher (31:07) Featherhood (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/charlie-gilmour-featherhood/) , Charlie Gilmour (33:28) The Silver Dark Sea (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/susan-fletcher-the-silver-dark-sea/) , Susan Fletcher (35:13) A Month in Siena (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/hisham-matar-a-month-in-siena/) , Hisham Matar (36:12) The Hunting Party (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/lucy-foley-hunting-party/) , Lucy Foley (38:00) Related Slightly Foxed Articles Word from the Wood (https://foxedquarterly.com/aldo-leopold-sand-country-almanac-literary-review/) , Galen O’Hanlon on A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold, Issue 54 (18:14) Northern Lights (https://foxedquarterly.com/penelope-lively-barry-lopez-arctic-dreams-literary-review/) , Penelope Lively on Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez, Issue 4 (18:43) Other Links An Englishmans’ Commonplace Book ‘launch party’ at John Sandoe Books (https://foxedquarterly.com/book-launch-roger-hudson-an-englishmans-commonplace-book-john-sandoe-books/) (1:19)  The Art Workers’ Guild (https://www.artworkersguild.org/) (1:54)  Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park (https://www.lochlomond-trossachs.org/) (8:37)  Saraband, independent publisher (https://saraband.net/) (12:20)  Jim Crumley, The Scots Magazine (https://www.scotsmagazine.com/articles/category/explore/wildlife/) (31:56) Opening music: Preludio from Violin Partita No.3 in E Major by Bach The Slightly Foxed Podcast is hosted by Philippa Lamb and produced by Podcastable (https://www.podcastable.co.uk/)
40 min
"Who feeds us?" Episode 6: Looking back and moving forward
In this final episode, we revisit some of the people we’ve heard from throughout the series. We tease out some common threads that bind these apparently disparate voices together – threads such as reverence, gratitude, sovereignty, dignity and abundance. We hear more about what these people have learnt over the course of this year, their visions for resilient, localised food economies... and how they see the future of who feeds us. It is clearer than ever: Food is not just a question of calories. Food is nourishment for the body and soul. Food is about community, culture and our relationship with each other and with the Earth. We are all part of the food system. The journey ahead – towards a truly resilient, humane and nourishing food system, a food system rooted in abundance – that journey is complicated, and it will most likely be bumpy. But this series is an invitation to embrace that complexity, to dive into it, to seek out and connect with those who feed us. After all – food doesn’t come from shelves. Food comes from the soil, the sea – and the hands of people. This is who feeds us. Featuring: Skye Gyngell: https://springrestaurant-shop.co.uk/ Jane Scotter: http://fernverrow.com/ Salma & Khalil Attan: https://www.bushwoodbees.co.uk/ // https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVrsm10F2zp_KO26MBCGRUw Ursula Myrie: https://www.adira.org.uk/ Angus Buchanan-Smith: https://www.the-free-company.com/ Dee Woods: https://granvillecommunitykitchen.wordpress.com/ Dr Lisa Palmer: https://www.bcu.ac.uk/social-sciences/sociology/staff/lisa-palmer Muhsen Hassanin: https://abrahamshalalmeat.com/ Abigail Holsborough: https://www.brixtonwindmill.org/ Rosy Benson: www.fieldbakery.com/ Lynda McFarlane: https://veganvybes.co.uk/ Farmerama.co Producers: Jo Barratt, Katie Revell, Abby Rose, Suzie McCarthy Additional interview: Lovejit Dhaliwal Series Executive Producers: Jo Barratt, Katie Revell, Abby Rose Community Collaborators: Cathy St Germans, Zain Dada, Andre Reid Project Manager: Olivia Oldham Artwork: Hannah Grace www.hgraceoc.com/ Music: Michael O'Neil PR & Comms: Fran Bailey, Kate Lam, Elma Glasgow, Nancy Brownlow Who Feeds Us? is possible thanks to the Farming the Future COVID Response Fund. We’re very grateful to The A Team Foundation, the Roddick Foundation, Thirty Percy and the Samworth Foundation for providing the funds to make this project happen.
35 min
The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast
The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast
Evanna Lynch
S3, Ep7: Animal Advocacy through Beauty with Justine Jenkins
This season of The ChickPeeps is brought to you by our friends at Vivo Life! Use our code 'chickpeeps10' to get 10% off your order at vivolife.com. In this episode Evy and Momo chat with renowned celebrity make-up artist, Justine Jenkins about cruelty free cosmetics, taking an active stand against animal testing as a consumer, and her work as an ambassador for Human Society International. While you’re listening, please take a moment to check out the link to our sponsor. Not only are Vivo Life a great, vegan company, but their support also allows us to continue to produce The ChickPeeps for you! We love them and their products and we think you will too. Also in this episode… * Justine explains why she believes that cats are here to heal us! * Justine shares her top favourite vegan make-up brands and an old school beauty hack that she always uses. * She explains how her experience as a cruelty free make-up artist set her on her vegan journey. * The secrecy and misleading language of the mainstream beauty market that conceals the truth of animal testing. * Justine emphasises consumer-power and how changing even one product to a vegan version makes a difference. * Where to start with vegan and cruelty-free make-up and how to start embracing your individual beauty. * The cruelty free certifications that Justine trusts and how to find out if a brand is truly cruelty-free. * Justine weighs in whether or not consumers should support non-vegan brands that bring out a vegan cosmetics line. * Justine talks about her experience as a certified CBD expert and shares a fascinating fact about Queen Victoria and medicinal marijuna. Links: Justine’s Instagram Jusitine’s favourite vegan beauty brand UpCircle Cosmetics Logical Harmony - Justine’s favourite resource to research vegan and cruelty-free makeup. Cruelty Free International website XCellR8, an animal-free testing lab, Dr. Carol Treasure Humane Society International website Kinder Beauty Box, #1 vegan, cruelty-free & clean beauty box Get In Touch: Bonus Content: ChickPeeps Patreon Instagram: @ChickPeepsPod Facebook: @ChickPeepsPodcast
58 min
Sustainababble: comedy, nature, climate change.
#194: Innovation
Luddites, us greenies. People think it's an insult to say we all want to go back to living in caves, but - lack of wifi aside - lots of biosphere-botherers wouldn't say no.But innovation - thinking up whizzy new stuff to fix shitty old problems - really *has* to be part of the weaponry for the ecologically-concerned, doesn't it? Cycle lanes can't fix all the planet's problems, after all.We speak to two exceptionally whizzy innovators - Ayca Dundar and Francis Field - who've invented a new material, made from seaweed, that stops food rotting and prevents turtles getting packaging lodged where it shouldn't, thereby torpedoing food waste and plastic pollution in one fell swoop. In fact their invention - Solublue - is so good they're finalists in the international Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge, the winners of which will pocket €500,000. Nice little two up two down cave that'll get you, we hear.Also this week, big up to the folk at the Royal College of Psychiatrists who've produced some top resources on 'eco-distress' (see episode #185), both for children and young people, and for parents. Check them out.Sustainababble is your friendly environment podcast, out weekly. Theme music by the legendary Dicky Moore – @dickymoo. Sustainababble logo by the splendid Arthur Stovell. Ecoguff read out by Arabella. Love the babble? Bung us a few pennies at www.patreon.com/sustainababble. MERCH: sustainababble.teemill.com Available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast & all those types of things, or at sustainababble.fish. Visit us at @thebabblewagon and at Facebook.com/sustainababble. Email us at hello@sustainababble.fish.
45 min
The Plant Based News Podcast
The Plant Based News Podcast
Plant Based News
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Angel Investor. Interview w/ Loui Blake | Episode 53
Hi Plant Friends and welcome to another episode of the PBN podcast. This week we meet Mr. Loui Blake. He is a serial entrepreneur with a multitude of incredible vegan businesses under his belt. This week's episode is presented by Robbie Lockie and edited and produced by Phil Marriott. In this weeks episode: 2:32: Discovering the vegan lifestyle 6:00: Journey into Entrepreneurship 8:55: What influenced you to start your own business? 11:15: Importance of self purpose and worth 17:40: Effects of social media 19:25: Risk of living in an Echochamber 21:55: Should we step on others to climb the ladder of success? 27:20: What effect has Covid19 had on you and your businesses? 32:30: Tips on how to approach Investment in business 35:38: Weighing up the balance of control vs investment in business 37:50: Experience of Gender diversity within business 41:15: What men can do to support women within business 42:20: Importance of downtime and avoidance of burnout 45:40: Love for and potential involvement in fashion industry 47:33: Stranded on a desert island You can find out more about Loui here https://www.louiblake.com/about -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Listen on other platforms Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/1aNLxA27mZQeIOzCUCPKd5 iTunes: podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-…st/id1255981965 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVIEW/SHARE ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you enjoyed the episode and have a spare 1-2 minutes please leave a review on iTunes so the Plant Based News podcast ranks higher and becomes more discoverable for other listeners. If you have any friends that would benefit from listening to this episode or any of the other Plant Based News podcast episodes, please share.
49 min
Ordinary Vegan Podcast
Ordinary Vegan Podcast
Nancy Montuori
Ordinary Vegan Podcast #91- Turning Your Passion Into A Plant-Based Business Part 2
Is it time to turn your passion for a vegan lifestyle into a plant-based business? What was recently a radical lifestyle choice, eating plants, is now rapidly moving into the mainstream. And if there was ever a time to open a plant-based business, now is the time. According to Meticulous Research, the plant-based food market worth will be 74.2 billion by 2027. Clearly, the growth in this market is due to the nutritional benefits offered by plants and for the sake of the environment. These statistics open a significant opportunity for vegan entrepreneurs. Our podcast guest, Björn Öste, is a seasoned plant-based business owner and entrepreneur. He is co-founder and CEO of Good Idea Drinks. Good Idea is a flavored sparkling water with a blend of five amino acids and chromium that cuts the blood sugar spike after a meal. It's all-natural, un-sweetened, and contains zero calories. Prior to Good Idea, Björn co-founded Oatly. Oatly is one of the most popular non-dairy milks in the world and is sold in over 25 countries. He and his brother Rickard specialize in plant-based food products with preventative properties. In Podcast #91, we speak with plant-based business owner Björn Öste about his entrepreneur journey along with : * Why consumer research is a waste of time * Food as medicine * Working with products that make a real and meaningful difference in people's lives * The science and innovations in food * Raising capital Thanks to Osea Malibu for being today's sponsor. You can receive $10.00 off your order of $50.00 0r more here until December 21, 2020. Additionally, you can find my organic vegan CBD products made from hemp on my website. If you have any questions about how CBD may help you, don't hesitate to reach out to me at questions@ordinaryvegan.net. For recipes and inspiration, follow me on Instagram @ordinaryvegan and join our fun Facebook Group and community. Sign up here, so you don't miss any of Ordinary Vegan's podcasts or recipes. Also, if you get a chance, please write a review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts so our community can grow. I hope today's podcast inspires you to follow your bliss.
43 min
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