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Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Heather MacFadyen
Bruce Learns to Label His Feelings :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 316]
“What’s something you’ve grown in but at different speeds?”. After collecting listener questions, this question stood out to my husband Bruce. So instead of doing a general Q and A episode (in honor of our 22nd wedding anniversary), we decided to discuss Bruce’s journey in learning how to identify what he is feeling, labeling it and sharing it with others.  Listen in to hear how we learned to process our feelings through church small group. And how we’ve grown as a couple to express those emotions in a healthy way. I think a common theme through all of this is just having a really constructive, clear language to talk about things. It is not like any one of these methods solves things. It's not a formula. The more precise and constructive and simple we make this language,  the more effective communication can be. Here are the cards we reference in the show: More Episodes with Bruce: 20th Anniversary Q and A :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 242]The Right to Change My Mind :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 196]This is Us :: Bruce and Heather {Ep 145}Goals, Roles and Superpowers :: Bruce and Heather MacFadyen {Ep 112}When your Husband has a Demanding Job :: Bruce and Heather {Ep 38} Links Mentioned:   Steps into God’s Grace (12 step program) by Lynn HoffmanRecovery for Life :: Lynn Hoffman [Ep 129]BOOK: People Fuel by John Townsend Featured Sponsors:  PrettyLitter — use code DMA to save 20% off a one month supply over at Thrive Market— get 25% off your first order and a free gift. If you go to
43 min
Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine
114. An Honest Conversation About Faith with Angie Smith
We finally made it happen. Angie Smith was in the studio with me to chat about her new book and what it has taken for her to get it out. A little snow and ice was never going to keep us down. Angie is such a fun person and she is so real about her journey and why she felt called to write this book. Listen in to hear all the details. Angie and I met at a blogging conference a number of years ago and her first words to me the first time we met actually played a profound part in our family’s journey. She was also instrumental in connecting us with a group of people who became our lifeline after we moved to TN. (And don’t miss her funny story about the time we were on a cruise together and she forgot to pack the bottom half of her wardrobe!) She didn’t grow up in the church but when she found the Lord she knew that she was called to do more in His purpose. She has written several books and her most recent one is a resource for those who are just starting on their journey of discovery with the Bible. Listen in to hear more about her story, her journey, and why she felt the pull to write this particular book. I hope you enjoy this honest (and sometimes hilarious!) conversation! In This Episode: [00:33] Welcome Angie Smith to the show. [01:19] Angie is one of the reasons that we moved to Tennessee. Learn more. [04:34] ...and then there was the time that Angie completely forgot the bottom half of her wardrobe. [06:15] Learn more about Angie and her background. [08:43] How Covid has made Angie shift the way she does her ministry. [12:44] Why after such a long break did she decide to release her new book? [15:36] Did she wrestle with some of her beliefs as she wrote the book? [20:07] Angie’s words for those who are struggling with their faith in these difficult times. [23:27] How is she processing through her twins getting ready to go off to college? [27:51] Where can busy moms and women start to dive deeper into scripture? [30:38] Just stay curious and know that God’s word is alive. You’re living it. Links and Resources: Crystal Paine Crystal Paine on Instagram Money Saving Mom Money Saving Mom on Facebook Money Saving Mom Deal Seekers Facebook group Woven by Angie Smith
36 min
The Arts of Language Podcast
The Arts of Language Podcast
IEW (Andrew Pudewa)
Episode 259: Ask Andrew Anything: Special Education Edition, Part 1
Once again the Arts of Language Podcast brings you an Ask Andrew Anything. In this special edition of the series, Julie asks Andrew questions submitted by parents and teachers that attended our special education conference. This week, Andrew answers questions on topics like picking age appropriate source texts for a dyslexic student and helping students with their key word outlines. Learn the importance of not withholding help, and gain insight on the value of separating complexity for your students. Referenced Materials: * "Ask Andrew Anything: Special Education Edition, Part 1" * Success in Teaching Writing: A Special Education Writing Conference from IEW * Structure and Style® for Students * Teaching Writing: Structure and Style * "The Power of Imitation: Crafting a Key Word Outline" * "The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing" * Audio Talk * Article * Podcast Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 * The Dyslexic Advantage: A Conversation with Brock and Fernette Eide * Podcast Series: Part 1 | Part 2 * IEW and Dyslexia: A Conversation with Susan Barton * Living with Dyslexia—An Interview with Chris Pudewa * Podcast Series: Part 1 | Part 2 * Paradise Lost by John Milton Remember to send your questions to, and perhaps yours will be answered the next time we Ask Andrew Anything (AAA). If you have any questions about IEW or our products, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team at 800.856.5815 or
The Big Boo Cast
The Big Boo Cast
Melanie Shankle & Sophie Hudson
The Big Boo Cast, Episode 224
It seems like it's been forever since we last said these words, but college baseball season is here! On this episode we talk about opening weekend for the Aggies and the Bulldogs, and we also discuss our weekend outings to the State / Alabama women's basketball game (me) and the San Antonio rodeo (Mel). Plus, Mel shares some ways we can all jump in and help Texans who are recovering from last week's ice storm. AND. This week we get to spend some time talking with author Elizabeth Passarella. I mentioned her new book, Good Apple, on the podcast a few weeks ago (you may remember that I loved it), and Melanie and I were so excited to get to visit with her. You'll hear part of the conversation on this episode - the rest a few weeks down the road - and you are going to love her. Melanie and I had both talked to her for about three minutes when we realized that it felt like we've known her forever. Hope y'all enjoy! - Our Amazon Shop ( - Become a Patron! ( Show Notes: - How to Help Texas: San Antonio Food Bank ( , Houston Food Bank ( , North Texas Food Bank ( , West Texas Food Bank ( - Mississippi State's new baseball uniforms with the "State" script ( (NBD but these might just be the best looking baseball uniforms in the country) - Elizabeth Passarella ( - Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella ( (it's really wonderful!) - Rendevouz ( - Corky's BBQ ( - Payne's Bar-B-Que ( - Levain Bakery ( - Roku streaming stick ( - YouTube TV ( - Quilty weighted blanket ( - 32 oz. deli food storage containers ( - milk frother ( - Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed ( Dessicated ( Beef Liver ( Sponsors: - Best Fiends (download on the Apple App Store or Google Play) - Prose ( (use this link for your free in-depth hair quiz and 15% off your first order) - FabFitFun ( (use promo code BIGBOO for $10 off your first box) - KiwiCo ( (use promo code BIGBOO for 30% off your first month and free shipping)
1 hr 2 min
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Jamie Ivey
Happy Hour #369 - Aaron Ivey
My guest for The Happy Hour #369 is my favorite person and partner: My husband Aaron Ivey! For those of you who are new around here, Aaron and I have been married for almost 20 years! He leads the creative team at The Austin Stone and is the head worship pastor. He’s a songwriter, mentor, amazing father and author - he truly does all the things! Aaron is my most favorite person to talk to so I love whenever he joins me on the podcast! We talk about SO many great things in this episode so make sure you listen to the whole thing! In today’s show, Aaron talks about feeling called to build relationships with people who don’t know Jesus, and focusing on who we want to be rather than what we want to do. Aaron also dives into why we felt led to write COMPLEMENT, and his experience in the last year of being diagnosed with clinical depression. It’s not an easy thing to walk through mental illness or walk through it with a loved one, but it’s so important to have these conversations to remind ourselves that it’s not our fault and we are not less than because of it. I love so much when Aaron says “You’re not flawed because of any sort of mental illness. It’s actually just a part of your wiring, it’s a part of the way that you were formed. And God even wants to restore that - He might not fix it, but He wants to do something in and through you.” What a beautiful encouragement, that even in our brokenness God wants to make it matter. I’m so proud of Aaron’s passion for who he wants to be and his commitment to allow God to lead him every step of the way. So thankful we get to share this project together! Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE See for privacy information.
48 min
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