43: Gift Giving During COVID, Joementum 2021, Being Cordial with Trumpublicans
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As we slowly transition away from needing to worry about what the President is tweeting every day, we've got a mixed bag of stories for you this week!

  • Our "Greetings from 2020" shirts have begun hitting BAE Patrons' mailboxes, and they look great! Share a pic of your shirt on social using #Greetingsfrom2020.
  • RIP Trump Voter Fraud hotline, we wished you'd lived to see another day of trolling. 😢 
  • Wonder Woman 1984 has Warner Bros. wondering how best to safely release a film that has already seen release delays due to covid.
  • As we approach the holiday season, what to do about gift giving is on our minds. We want everyone to know it's TOTALLY OKAY to skip the presents this year.
  • Andrew launches a new segment: Tragic Female Singer Contracts Updates™.
  • Netflix is currently testing its new "Direct" feature in France, which would give customers the ability to view Netflix's library in a traditional, cable channel-like format.
  • We're retiring Trumpster Fire 2020 and replacing it with JOEMENTUM 2021. Cue triumphant new music soundbed.
  • Contrary to the fantasy going on in Donald Trump's head, Joe Biden still beat him in both the popular vote and the Electoral College.
  • Arizona and Georgia showed up to the party late, but they can stay!
  • Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has been receiving pressure from prominent Republicans to... cheat the Georgia recount.
  • An Aussie listener is perplexed by the amount of infighting in the United States, but we just can't be cordial with white supremacists.
  • In this week's Rona Roundup, we ask if we might be... "rounding the rona?" Dr. Fauci thinks widespread access to the vaccine is possible by April 2021, which means by summer we can (maybe) all touch each other again!
  • There's no common thread between this week's recommendations, so just humor us: DeleteMe (Andrew), 'The Crown' season 4 (Laura), and coffee mug warmers (Pam).
  • This week's episode is sponsored by Hempbombs (https://www.hempbombs.com/rewards to join their rewards program and enter code MILLRADIO for 30% off at checkout) and Cratejoy (https://www.cratejoy.com/mill to get 30% off your first box and early access to all of Cratejoy's holiday specials). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week's installment of After Dark:

  • "It rubs the sanitizer on its skin or else it gets phase 1 again." Are we preparing for more lockdowns?
  • Because the US is... the way it is, depending on where you live in the country, you may or may not see another lockdown.
  • What did we learn from earlier this year that might make hunkering down a little easier this time?
  • Is it a relatively safe option to book an Airbnb for a weekend change of scenery?
Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett
Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett
Susan Garrett
Why Your Treats Aren’t Working for Your Dog
Visit us at shapedbydog.com In the world of dog training, a lot of people are trying to train their dog with a focus solely on the use of reinforcement. But there can be a disparity in the success people have when using rewards. We’re going to turn the microscope on why the outcome varies between trainers, why it’s happening, and what we can do about it so everyone can have success. In the episode you'll hear: • The reasons that animal training fails. • How to get brilliant at understanding and using reinforcement values. • What motivational currency is for your dog. • The difference between a commemorative coin and a thousand dollars an hour. • Why to vary the treats you give your dog when training. • How different locations and activities can require differing rewards. • The food rewards I use with my dogs and how I rank those rewards. • My exact formula for what reinforcement to use when. • Why to consider your dog’s uncertainty and distraction value. • How to rank a reward’s motivational currency and the scale to use. • The reason frequency changes the value of a reinforcer. • Why I use high value treats for husbandry behaviors and how I transfer value. Susan Garrett’s Reinforcement Formula: RV > DU + DV RV = Reinforcement Value DU = Dog’s Uncertainty DV = Distraction Value Resources: • Podcast Episode 2: Reinforcement-https://dogsthat.com/podcast/2/ • Podcast Episode 34: Time Outs for Dogs: Does Your Dog Need One?-https://dogsthat.com/podcast/34/ • Tasty Treats Recipe eBook-https://dogsthat.com/tastytreats/ • Blog Post: How Do I Train My Dog To Come When Called?-https://susangarrettdogagility.com/2019/04/train-my-dog-to-come-when-called/ • Crate Games Online-https://get.crategames.com/
22 min
A Conversation With...
A Conversation With...
Philip DeFranco
John Green Reveals His Biggest Regrets, Quarantine Anxiety, How Fame Changed Him &... Ep. 43
Special thanks to CALM - http://calm.com/defranco , Squarespace - https://www.Squarespace.com/acw , CAVIAR - Download App & Use Code ‘PHIL’, & VESSI - http://Vessi.com/DeFranco & use code ‘DEFRANCO’ for sponsoring!   Go check out John Green: https://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse   WATCH Previous Podcast: https://youtu.be/T34mowNvSfE    ———————————— Go to http://BeautifulBastard.com and use code "ACW20" for 20% off! Ends soon.   Click on http://ShopDeFranco.com for limited edition merch! Ends soon.   New episode every Wednesday! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/acw/?sub_confirmation=1   LISTEN to the audio podcasts: http://LinksHole.com   SUBSCRIBE to ACW Clips: https://www.youtube.com/acwclips?sub_confirmation=1   ———————————— 01:47 - Hank Green is My Boss 04:30 - Reflecting on Ze Frank’s “The Show” 06:32 - Why bigger communities become more disconnected 08:39 - Success is a Drug 11:20 - Rich or Famous?  11:39 - BUY JOHN’S BOOK!  17:58 - What was your childhood like? 21:44 - Can Parents Still Grow?  24:37 - How has 2020 impacted your life?  28:23 - Feeling hopeful during a pandemic 31:48 - I would do anything to take away the pain from my kids... 35:47 - What is the secret to your success? 41:28 - What is something your parents taught you that you now know is wrong?  45:21 - What’s your biggest regret?  47:38 - When do the Green kids get social media?  49:41 - If we went to high school together would we have been friends?  52:27 - Describe the first that your perspective has changed significantly on something 56:36 - Did Hank come to you when he wanted to start writing? 1:03:38 - What’s your greatest fear about getting older?  1:05:38 - How do you deal with conflict? 1:20:50 - John’s questions for Phil 1:28:22 - How Phil’s 14 years on YT changed him 1:34:32 - Goodbyes ————————————   THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:   -Go to http://calm.com/defranco to get 40% off a Calm Premium subscription! -Start your free trial today: https://www.Squarespace.com/acw & enter offer code “ACW” to get 10% off your first purchase!   -Caviar is giving you 20% off your first order. Just enter the promo code ‘PHIL’ at checkout! -Go to http://Vessi.com/DeFranco & if you miss the sale, just use code DEFRANCO to get $25 off! ———————————— FOLLOW ME OFF YOUTUBE:  https://linktr.ee/PhilipDeFranco ———————————— Edited by: William Crespo    Executive Producer: Amanda Morones - https://twitter.com/MandaOhDang https://www.instagram.com/mandaohdang/ Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist: Brian Borst - https://twitter.com/brianjborst https://www.instagram.com/brianborst/ Production & Photography: Zack Taylor - https://twitter.com/zacktaylor_92 http://instagram.com/zacktaylor92 Production Team: Luke Manning   #JohnGreen #PhilipDeFranco #AConversationWith
1 hr 36 min
Sci Guys
Sci Guys
The Sci Guys
92: Richard Shope and the Spanish Flu
Ever wake up unable to move and get the feeling that there’s a demon standing in the corner of your room? You might have experienced sleep paralysis! Join us as we look at what causes it, how can we stop it, and why it usually feels like there’s someone watching you... You can WATCH the podcast over on our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/SciGuys If you would like to support the podcast, please donate to our Patreon: http://patreon.com/SciGuys If you'd like to see more of us, follow our socials! Facebook http://facebook.com/SciGuysPod Twitter http://twitter.com/SciGuysPod Instagram http://instagram.com/SciGuysPod References and Further Reading https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1951634/?page=1 http://centennial.rucares.org/index.php?page=Influenza http://www.nasonline.org/publications/biographical-memoirs/memoir-pdfs/shope-richard.pdf https://digitalcommons.rockefeller.edu/harvey-lectures/21/ https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/influenza-(seasonal) https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1918-pandemic-h1n1.html https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1918-commemoration/1918-pandemic-history.htm https://www.history.com/.amp/topics/world-war-i/1918-flu-pandemic https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2118275/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.livescience.com/amp/spanish-flu.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2720273/ https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/cellular-microscopic/flu3.htm Follow the Sci Guys @notcorry / @jampkin / @lukecutforth
1 hr 3 min
MuggleCast: the Harry Potter podcast
MuggleCast: the Harry Potter podcast
Harry Potter
#497: The First Movie's Best Character Introductions
Welcome Slug Club (https://www.patreon.com/mugglecast) member Pablo to the show! Spanish language speakers, check out Pablo's HP podcast Cuarantena 9 3/4 (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cuarentena-9-3-4/id1510239480) ! In a bit of sad news, Hogwarts Legacy has been given a 2022 release window, not 2021 as we had hoped. How will the hosts fill the time without the new game? By checking out other games (https://www.twitch.tv/spielermangames) like Micah? The Sorcerer's Stone movie turns 20 this year! To celebrate, we'll be hosting discussions about the first film throughout the year! The hosts discuss which character was given the best introduction in the movie. The rest of today's episode is all MuggleMail! The hosts answer your e-mails and voicemails Why don't we hear more about teachers' spouses at Hogwarts? Should Samuel L. Jackson voice the Sorting Hat on a new TV series? We listen to his audition tape. Did Dumbledore fail to protect Frank and Alice Longbottom sufficiently in the wake of the death of the Potters? 12-year-old listener Wyatt asks us, would throwing a Horcrux through The Veil destroy it? The hosts ruminate on whether a Chapter by Chapter reboot lays in our future. Quizzitch: Which actress reportedly turned down the role of the witch Sybil Trelawney in “Prisoner of Azkaban” because she did not believe boarding school life should be glorified? This week’s episode is sponsored by Quip (http://www.GetQuip.com/muggle) (Get a free dispenser for their new chewing gum) and MeUndies (http://www.meundies.com/mugglecast) (Get 15% off your first order Support us on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/mugglecast) and receive magical benefits, like Bonus MuggleCast!
1 hr 4 min
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