#Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk
#5x13: Tesla Drives Us, Russia Launches New Meddling Tactics
Apr 2, 2019 · 1 hr 19 min
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Millennial is here! We may not know a lot, but we do know there is only one country called “Mexico.”

*   Andrew and Pat spent their weekend with self-driving cars and flying elephants after being underwhelmed by Apple’s latest product announcements.
*   “YOU get an Oprah and YOU get an Oprah. EVERYBODY GETS AN OPRAHHH!”
*   We’ll have the redacted version of the Mueller Report by mid-April. ~No pee pee in this report!~
*   Joe Biden’s touching problem: when does grandfatherly affection cross the line? LPT: Don’t touch people you don’t know.
*   In this week’s Mailbag, teachers and students sound off: it turns out shooting people with pellets during active shooter training isn’t just an Indiana thing.
*   Because it’s April Fools’ Day, we give credit where credit is due to Trump on banning bump stocks. (Now if only he’d ban himself.)
*   The AP Stylebook has been updated to give journalists a YUGE TL;DR: If it’s racist, just call it racist.
*   Th…
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