#Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk
Episode #2x08: Super White
Mar 3, 2016 · 1 hr 9 min
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We’re back this week with a SUPER packed election episode. But first, Chris Rock took on the Academy for #OscarsSoWhite. Leo finally won an Oscar though, so… #progress? The #Millennial Confessional brings some exciting news, as well as questions about striking a work/life balance.

The shocking results from Super Tuesday states reveal PR team telling us that the only person shocked by results is Marco Rubio, who is currently experiencing software difficulties and needs a reboot. BRB.

What are the chances of a Sanders nomination? Improbable, but not impossible. This just in: Trump is no longer a joke. Stop laughing. No. Really… Stop. Chris Christie and the Republican Party Schism. No Context requires us to make Super Tuesday connections to songs about work and funerals. What? Hidden from the Headlines takes us to the Matrix. 

In this week’s installment of After Dark:

Will it ever be “cool” to act presidential again, or are we doomed to a century of racist sociopaths with bad combovers and multiple bankruptcies? Move over ISIL, Emoji terrorism has come to America. The hosts prove they can’t even effectively hit on hotties on social media. Andrew sends a dick pic to Laura.

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