#Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk
Episode #2x13: Buddy
Apr 6, 2016 · 1 hr 11 min
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Andrew talks about visiting the Grand Canyon and throws this show off the rails 3 minutes in.  Hidden from the Headlines gets our heads out of the U.S.'s ass and into a complicated international conflict. Look at us being all worldly and shit. "To sex, or not to sex?" -Hamlet or something, and also this one listener who wrote in. What if elected officials had to wear jackets with the logos of their top ten donors sewn all over it? Well, lube up, California. This could hurt. The regularly scheduled shitshow that is Washington, D.C. would lose its charm without another scandal, and luckily, Laura brings us the details. Sorry not sorry, Ted. Ruth Bader Ginsberg: great Justice, or the greatest Justice? Trick question. Both.  A rousing game of Two Truths One Lie reveals SOME OF US ARE MONSTERS and others piss on snakes.  This is a sophisticated show, okay.  Wait, But Why? commands you to cut your hearts out, literally, if at all possible. Less than 1/3 of Americans are registered organ donors in the event of death, and let's be clear, people need your kidneys a lot more than the dirt does.

And in this week's After Dark:

The Panama Papers -- what the actual fuck, though. What are they and why do they matter? What's the difference between a leak of this nature, and a leak akin to the D.C. Madam story?  The ethics of data leaks and whistleblowing. Are we holding politicians to a higher standard, or ourselves to a lower one?


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