Scaling Impact Through Zero Waste Packaging System - Safia Qureshi of CLUBZERØ
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Reusable packaging has been around for a while already as an alternative to single-use plastic or disposable packaging, but if there was a way to level this sustainable experience up? That’s where CLUBZERØ, formerly known as CupClub, comes in through innovatively combining sustainability and technology. Safia Qureshi of CLUBZERØ’s joins us today to share how she went from being an architect to a startup CEO and founder and why their reusable packaging experience is better than the rest. 

Safia shares how her background in architecture has helped them develop CLUBZERØ as the most scalable and best quality setup in the market, why user experience or UX is a big deal, improving the customer journey, and more. She also gives her insights and advice for entrepreneurs on the qualities you need to survive, addressing customers’ needs, and partnering up with the right businesses, among others. Tune in to this episode! 

With the likes of Just Eat, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and more companies promoting the use of CLUBZERØ, we’re proudly on the way to lessening or eradicating single-use or disposable packaging. Say no to disposable packaging and sign up to join CLUBZERØ here!

Safia’s key lessons and quotes from this episode were:

  • “Fundamentally, it's about finding your purpose. I think you're answering your inner brief, which leads you to do what you do.” (7:59)
  • “There's always value in selling your product if it's creating impact.” (51:25)

In this episode, we also talked about:

  • Finding your purpose (3:57)
  • CLUBZERØ for consumers (17:17)
  • How to gain customers (33:47)
  • Overcoming COVID and other challenges (44:09)
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