Unsolved Mysteries Ep 9: Death Row Fugitive
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In November, 1965, Lester Eubanks brutally murdered 14 year old Mary-Ellen Deener. He was swiftly convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. However in 1973, he was able to just walk away from his sentence while out of the prison on a shopping trip that had been arranged for inmates on an honor program. He hasn't been seen since. Lester Eubanks has been on the run for more than 40 years, and ever time the police close in, he remains a step ahead. 

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Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Episode 201: Black Eyed Children with special guest Tyler Gaca AKA Ghosthoney
Guys!!! It's episode two hundred… and ONE! We’ve gathered you here today so we could grace your presence with one of the most lovely humans we’ve ever encountered: Ghost Honey aka Tyler Gaca. Tyler joins us today to talk about something we vowed to never attempt an episode on: Black Eyed Children. The first time we tried to do this episode some weird shit went down and it just straight up wouldn’t record. Luckily, we got our shit together and think the united force of the three of us kept the spooky unexplainable. Alaina takes us into the origin story, and Ash tells some spooky stories you can find on Thought Catalog. Hold onto your butts… and your noses i guess. It’s about to get real weird up in here.  https://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2013/11/16-peoples-terrifying-encounters-with-the-black-eyed-kids/ As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to http://HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Simplisafe: Right now, our listeners get a FREE home security camera, when you purchase a SimpliSafe system at http://SIMPLISAFE.com/MORBID. Care/of: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to http://TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50. http://Stamps.com: With promo code, MORBID, you get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale. Just go to http://Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID.
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Strictly Stalking
Strictly Stalking
Kast Media
My Sister’s Story: Debbie Riddle
Debbie Riddle is an Anti-Stalking Advocate whose sister Peggy Klinke was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend. After Peggy’s death, Debbie refused to remain silent about the extreme failures in our criminal justice system and set out on a mission to get the system fixed and began telling Peggy’s story to anyone that would listen. She caught the attention of Tracy Bahm, the Director of the Stalking Resource Center and they took Peggy’s story to Washington D.C. where they testified at a congressional briefing and declared January, “National Stalking Awareness Month” in honor of Peggy.  Debbie has spoken throughout the US, at law enforcement trainings, advocate trainings and college campuses and has worked with then Senator Joe Biden, Advocate Erin Brockovich, and Lifetime Television to continue to spread awareness about the dangers of stalking. Also joining us is Dana Fleitman, the Associate Advisor at the Stalking Prevention, Awareness,& Resource Center (known as SPARC) a project of AEquitas funded by the DOJ Office on Violence Against Women. Check Out Our Patreon: www.patreon.com/strictlystalking Instagram: Strictly Stalking - @strictlystalkingpod Jaimie Beebe - @feathergirl77 Jake Deptula - @jaked3000 Please consider supporting the companies that support us!  Feals has me feeling my best every day and it can help you too. Become a member today by going to Feals.com/stalking and you’ll get 50% off your first order with free shipping. Join today! Stop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order. Just go to Athenaclub.com and use promo code Stalking. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Southern Fried True Crime
Southern Fried True Crime
Erica Kelley
110: It's Always the Husband: The Michael Morton Story
In 1986, a young mother was brutally murdered in her Austin, Texas home, early in the morning, while still sleeping in her bed. Her husband had left for work at 5:30am. Her three year old son was left alone in the house. Unfortunately, the night before, her husband had become disappointed when his wife had been too tired to make love. Michael Morton loved his wife, but he left a note for her that would definitely sting any wife. And based mainly on that note alone, corrupt investigators made sure he spent 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Christine Kirkpatrick Morton. Hosted and produced by Erica Kelley Researched by Haley Gray and Erica Kelley Written by Hannah Newcomb and Erica Kelley Original Graphic Art by Coley Horner Original Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma Radio Edited by Chaes Gray of Gray Multimedia Case suggested by Lacey Gholson Sponsors: BetterHelp.com/southern HelloFresh.com/southernfried10 Best Fiends https://michael-morton.com/ Sources: https://www.southernfriedtruecrime.com/110-its-always-the-husband-the-michael-morton-story Merch | Donate | In the Media: https://southernfriedtruecrime.com @southfriedtruth (Twitter) @southernfriedtruecrime (Insta) If you are suffering with abuse in quarantine, here are resources for different countries. Please ask for help: US Crisis Text Line: 741741 US National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 UK Domestic Abuse Hotline: 0808 2000 247 Australia Rape & Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-737-732 Canada: http://thelifelinecanada.ca./help/call/ If you are having suicidal thoughts during this unprecedented time, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please call the US National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 For resources in other countries: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html
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