28: Q&A with D&A [Part 2]: Unraveling the Rumors, Myths, and Truths
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This episode the second part of a Q&A with Jeni Decker, an author and podcaster who recently began looking more closely at the case. This part focuses on clearing up some of the common rumors and misconceptions about the case.

The episode references two open letter that Fred Murray had posted on the internet.

The link to the first open letter, dated March 15, 2016 is here: https://df6018a0-1cbf-4413-b23a-0465bf4331b6.filesusr.com/ugd/ecfcd6_a79093af2f254717bd89d4c996fcd2d7.pdf


The link to the second open later, dated June 30, 2016 is here: https://df6018a0-1cbf-4413-b23a-0465bf4331b6.filesusr.com/ugd/ecfcd6_a79093af2f254717bd89d4c996fcd2d7.pdf  

Check out Jeni’s podcast at http://downandawaypodcast.com/ and on twitter @DownandAwayPod.

To support the #BlueRibbon campaign and urge the NH Division of Historical Resources to approve the application, visit https://www.mauramurraymissing.org/calltoaction.html.

Information and tips can be emailed to mauramurrayfamilydirect@gmail.com or submitted through the family's website at mauramurraymissing.org/contact.html, both of which are monitored exclusively by the Murray family (and not associated with this podcast).


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Riddle Me That! True Crime
Riddle Me That! True Crime
Jules Ph.D
BONUS The Disappearance Of Helen Munnings Ft. Rebekkah Fr. Thrice Cursed Podcast
This is a brand new version of an old episode that I did solo. This is more comedic than usual and there is explicit language. A 20 year old woman goes missing while pregnant with the second child from a much older man, who began sleeping with her in her teens. He has a live in partner and that woman likely wouldn't put up with him fathering a second child with this much younger woman...he will be the last person to see Helen Munnings, no trace of her has been found. Join Rebekkah and I as we dig into this perplexing and maddening case. Sources: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-08/police-to-search-for-body-of-helen-munnings/10981140 https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/8m36xx/what_happened_to_helen_munnings_unresolved/ https://au.news.yahoo.com/vanished-disappearance-helen-munnings-2-114559125.html Vanished: The Strange Disappearance of Helen Munnings: Sunday Tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O-oNjWWOlM http://www.australianmissingpersonsregister.com/Munnings.htm https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/6104354/canine-could-crack-case-of-helen-munnings-disappearance/ https://www.magistratescourt.tas.gov.au/about_us/coroners/coronialfindings/m/munnings,_helen_karel_-_2012_tascd_138 https://www.examiner.com.au/story/6103888/police-use-cadaver-dog-to-search-for-helen-munnings/?cs=95 https://www.police.tas.gov.au/news-events/media-releases/cadaver-dog-used-in-helen-munnings-investigation/ https://www.themercury.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=TMWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.themercury.com.au%2Fnews%2Fscales-of-justice%2Fnew-leads-in-disappearance-of-burnie-mother-helen-munnings-as-tasmania-police-boost-reward%2Fnews-story%2F6358e164fd5258b120d7fcea0192b6e0&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium&nk=976c97bbb103529619eb9bb752bec718-1614242071 https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6007371/reward-on-2008-cold-case-now-250k/?cs=14231 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/mysterious-case-of-missing-pregnant-mother-helen-munnings/2HARLYBJCSINJX65RQNNXZGWK4/ https://www.miragenews.com/significant-increase-in-reward-offered-for-helen-munnings-cold-case/ https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/5539067/speaking-out-10-years-on/ https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/explosive-question-to-missing-pregnant-womans-exboyfriend/news-story/d78a96ddcf1175e4a232237110560c0a
2 hr 25 min
Married With Horses
Married With Horses
Jackie and Lane Jatzlau
MwH 126: TC Long
This episode with of Married With Horses is with our good friend TC Long. TC is a jack of all trades when it comes to western sports. He announces all sorts of events and has for years. He got his start with Booger Barter in the mid-00’s and has been going strong ever since. He produces barrel races (Elite Barrel Racing) and rodeos. He also has a monogramming business called Rodeo Monogram Shop that, you guessed it, works with rodeo folks (and others) producing hats, jackets, sponsor shirts, etc. This guy really has his hand in a lot of things. If he wasn’t busy enough, he and his wife Christie are new parents to a 5-month old little boy. We’ve known him for years and years and really think highly of him. Should’ve had him on here WAY earlier, but better late than never! Life is short. Ride a Unicorn! Please SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and be sure to RATE and REVIEW the show as well on your podcast app of choice (5-STARS!!!). You can catch us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, and all the others! Also, be sure to go and FOLLOW our Socials! * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK EQUIFEST OF KANSAS! - MORE INFO HERE!! Show Partner Info: * BLUEBONNET FEEDS: Click the “Where To Buy” button on the top of their page to find out where you can get your Bluebonnet Feed! Also on Chewy.com! * STRIDE ANIMAL HEALTH:Use code MWH14 at checkout to get 5% of the entire line of Stride Products! * J2 VIRTUAL COACHING: Click here to SIGN UP for VIRTUAL BARREL RACING COACHING today!
1 hr 54 min
Controlled Aggression
Controlled Aggression
Jerry Bradshaw
Defense Training Basics - Avoiding Avoidance
In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses: * The importance of working dogs in defense, without creating avoidance. * Pre-avoidance behaviors and how to read and manage them. * The role of a skilled decoy in defense training basics. * Understanding the dog is going to do what it has been trained to do. * Addressing strengths in a puppy and working in those strong drives. Key Takeaways: * When you’re working with a dog, you have to adjust your behavior, in real-time, to avoid creating an avoidance situation. * You have to change your attitude immediately if your dog doesn’t engage. Take him out of the situation and do everything you can to avoid creating the phobia of the situation. * In PSA, if your dog is not confident working in defense, you will see it in the carjacking scenario or on the handler attack. * Reward is a very powerful thing if you're going to pressure your dog. It will teach him how to handle stress from you; it's going to teach him how to handle stress generally. "If you don't work the defensive side of the dog, you may encounter one day or a suspect puts your dog in defense and your dog doesn't know how to handle the situation. Better to tackle it before it happens and understand how to do it." — Jerry Bradshaw Get Jerry's book Controlled Aggression on Amazon.com Contact Jerry: Website: controlledaggressionpodcast.com Tarheel Canine Training: www.tarheelcanine.com Youtube: tarheelcanine Twitter: @tarheelcanine Instagram: @tarheelk9 Facebook: TarheelCanineTraining Protection Sports Website: psak9-as.org Patreon: patreon.com/controlledaggression Slideshare: Tarheel Canine Calendly: calendly.com/tarheelcanine Sponsors: ALM K9 Equipment: almk9equipment.com PSA & American Schutzhund: psak9-as.org Tarheel Canine: tarheelcanine.com Train Hard, train smart, be safe. Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.
1 hr 11 min
Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries
Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries
Crawlspace Media
Bigfoot & Fringe Mysteries w/ James McMahon
Welcome to Crawlspace. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with writer James McMahon about Bigfoot, conspiracies, UFO's, alien big cats (what?!), and more fringe mysteries.  Follow James on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesjammcmahon Check out James's site: https://www.jamesjammcmahon.com/ Subscribe to James's mailing list: http://tinyletter.com/spoook Follow Crawlspace: Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrawlspacePod IG: https://www.instagram.com/crawlspacepodcast/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/Crawlspacepodcast/ Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/crawlspace-true-crime-mysteries/id1187326340 Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/crawlspace Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/58cll3enTW2SNmbJUuLsrt Follow Missing: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/missing/id1006974447 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0yRXkJrZC85otfT7oXMcri Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/show/missing-csm Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/missingcsm Follow Missing on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissingCSM FB: https://www.facebook.com/MissingCSM YT: youtube.com/missingcsm IG: https://www.instagram.com/MissingCSM Follow Private Investigations For the Missing: https://investigationsforthemissing.org/ https://twitter.com/PIFortheMissing https://www.facebook.com/PIFortheMissing/ https://www.instagram.com/investigationsforthemissing/ Check out the new Crawlspace Discussion Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/talkcrawlspace/ Check out the Crawlspace Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/crawlspacepodcast Check out our entire network at http://crawlspace-media.com/
1 hr 12 min
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