Inner Hoe Uprising
Inner Hoe Uprising
Nov 18, 2020
41: Reproductive Rights: Eugenics, Pollution, & Moore
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We’re talking all about reproductive rights. Specifically the United States history of Eugenics and sterilization abuse, Climate Change and negative birth outcomes for marginalized people, and the myth of "over population."

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Fuck It (Topic of the Day): 
Points of discussion include
Eugenics, scientific racism and sterilization abuse in the United States; 
climate change,  extreme temperatures, air pollution, Wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, environmental racism, and negative birthing outcomes; the intersection of Black reproductive justice and climate change; “Planet of the Humans,” the myth (and racist dog whistle) of over population and resource scarcity. 

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This episode deals with sensitive subject matter like scientific racism and sterilization abuse. If you can’t listen to those kinds of things right now, you might want to skip this one. 

TWQJ on Sterilization Abuse in NC “Wack Ass Patriarchy”:
Advice For and From the Future “Should I Have Kids?”: 



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Tea with Queen and J.
Tea with Queen and J.
Tea with Queen and J.
#277 White Sumpremacy: Season 4 (Kwanzaa Bonus)
Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture over tea. Drink up! On this episode… Happy Kwanzaa! We recorded an extra episode just for you! We talk about the way Covid is showing up in our tv and movies, how the global pandem has changed us on a personal level, and we look back on who and what had us fvcked up this year. This week’s hotlist - New pandemic, new you, managing time in isolation, why case for capitalism is weakening, relationship dynamics in the apocalypse, therapy, matching loungewear (get into it), spoiler free TV - Netflix’s “Big Mouth” and race, coronavirus on tv, Love In The Time of Corona, Social Distance, This Is Us gets more Black, Black-ish, Saved By The Bell again, Fargo and the Black holiday joy of Dance Dreams: The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker and Jingle Jangle. Non-Black POC’s post George Floyd, mehn, overall weird of vacationing during a global pandem and mad other ish... EPISODE TIMESTAMPS How Has the Pandemic Changed You?: 5:14 What We’re Watching: 32:16 Who Had Us Fvcked Up This Year: 1:15:04 Tweet us while you listen! #teawithqj @teawithqj and add #podin on twitter to help others discover Tea with Queen and J. podcast! WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: EMAIL & SPONSOR INQUIRIES DONATE OR Where to Donate Your Money and Time to Help Protestors: How to continue support for the End SARS movement in Nigeria Queen’s Amazon wishlist: J.’s Amazon wishlist: Send us snail mail: Tea with Queen and J. P.O. Box 1617 229 East 85th Street New York, NY 10028 This week’s closing clip features Diana Ross on her approach to life and affirmations: This episode was created, hosted and produced by Naima Lewis Muhammad & Janicia Francis with editorial support from Candice Jones Libations to our friend’s Domingo, Tokunbo, and D. Sindayiganza who help keep this show running by paying and supporting Black women. Opening song by Ohene Cornelius Includes music by Chad Milner
1 hr 39 min
Good Moms Bad Choices
Good Moms Bad Choices
Good Moms Bad Choices
Fear of the Nut Feat. Sexual Essentials
Is it normal to have a broken pussy post-pregnancy? This week Good Moms is joined by Samia, the owner and hands-on instructor of Sexual Essential. The ladies cover everything from Milah's anal escapades, Erica's conversion from "bi-fun" to just "bi", pussy after postpartum, how to squirt, and so much more! You won't want to miss the 2 exclusive whories that our guest shares towards the end of the episode!. Let's just say... she's teaching people about sexual pleasure for a reason. Connect with us:  @GoodMoms_BadChoices @Milah_Mappo @WatchErica Connect with our guest: @Sexualessentials  ——————————————————— Manifestation Box & Live Virtual Event: Our manifestation box with @post21shop is the perfect way to start making your dreams come true! Included in the box is a manifestation journal, a healing crystal, sage wrapped in eucalyptus, a 60 hr burning candle by @frolicandsage , hand crafted body butter by @everythingbutterbaby , a nude original @beautyblender, goddess bath created by us, and a woven seagrass basket. Consider this “little bag of tricks” your entry ticket to our private virtual full moon event on January 28th💫 The event will be hosted by us with a special manifestation ritual led by Shaman @jakevpreizt. Click the link below to purchase the box. The event link will be sent on the day of the event. P.s. By purchasing the box you are supporting all black-owned businesses 🙏🏾 Link: ——————————————————— It's Ladies Night on February 13th: Come to our LIVE Virtual Show! Purchase tickets HERE ——————————————————— Patreon: Good Moms Bad Choices Patreon: Sexual Essentials Patreon:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 26 min
Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess
Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess
The Black Effect & iHeartRadio
9: ...How to Be Single & (Not Just Pretend to) Love It | Love + Relationships
It’s another Hot Happy Mess Monday, and we’re kicking it off with our NEW series: Love + Relationships. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to be single, playing the dating game, why the matrix (society) doesn’t want you to be single, and how you can re-write your fairy tale.  Zuri also shares why #singlegoals needs to trend and her top 3 reasons eating alone, can be the ultimate self-care happiness boost. Next up Z goes one-on-one with professional matchmaker Devyn Simone, who's going to hook you up with all the details on how to do your single time right. How to slide into the DMs, how not to ghost and what to do if YOU get ghosted. We are manifesting matches in 2021, and Groupchat member - Cleo - volunteer as tribute to get her dating profile analyzed, updated, and remixed, by Devyn so she can maximize on swipes and meet her ideal match. Make sure you stay ‘til the end for this week’s ‘Party Trick’: We've got a dating app hack that will help guarantee that you find exactly who you were looking for + where you want them to be. Believe us, it’s going to blow your mind, it’s just that good!   RESOURCES + LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Devyn Simone is a renowned matchmaker and dating expert, whose skillful guidance has helped countless singles find and create happy sustainable relationships. As a matchmaker, Devyn has personally interviewed over one thousand single men and women as well as hundreds of happy couples to gain a deeper understanding of what unique challenges face us when we are dating in the age of technology. Devyn helped singles revamp their dating profile on her TLC television show, Love at First Swipe. She continues to study the ever-evolving nuances of dating and has made it her mission to help those who are looking for love, find it. | | @DevynSimone Listen and learn how you can win a $100 Amazon gift card. Giveaway ends Sun Jan 24, 2021, @ 11:59p ET   Follow @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess on Instagram to keep the good vibes going. Read the Shownotes for the full list of resources + links from today’s episode.   Learn more about your ad-choices at Learn more about your ad-choices at
1 hr 12 min
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