Inner Hoe Uprising
Inner Hoe Uprising
Oct 28, 2020
38: The Gay Penguins Strike Again
1 hr 13 min
Safe happy hoe-lidays, the self proclaimed badly behaved gay Nigerian fighting to #endSARS, Queer antagonistic Egyptian police departments, Lesbian and Gay Penguin babies, Horror films about killer weaves and sex demons, a little bisexual insecurity, and much more!

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Self Care Tip: How to Make the Holidays Special

Bae of the Week: Matthew Blaise @matthew.blaise
Fuck That (Currents Events): Egyptian police are targeting LGBTQ folks using dating apps, a bit on #EndSARS #EndSWAT, and zoo’s with baby stealing gay penguins

A$$ Media (Content Reviews): A cute review of Abby (1974) and Bad Hair (2020)

Fuck You (Your Lives): A bisexual listener is unsure why their fantasies all revolve around cis men

Love & Light to our Hoes of the Week!
Hoe(s) of the Week: Christine M (Braithwhite), Jack S (Kernel), Wendy N (Blow trees), Amanda (The Wall), Tina L(Mango), Jessie M (Springfield), l$fins

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CW: Abuse, Torture, Suicide, R*pe (Egyptian anti LGBT Police segment) - 18:14 - 40:24


Today, Explained Ep on Holidays: h

 Find out which Native Land you’re living on: 

Black Women Are Thee Final Girls:  

The Boys Season 2 IHU Review: 



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A Little Juju Podcast
A Little Juju Podcast
Ep. 58 Surrender to the Orisa (w/ @BrujaBanton)
Hoodoo Hussy Conjure Enterprises provides spiritual care using plant medicine and African American traditional religious practices. Owner and CEO, Hoodoo Hussy, makes all of her offerings herself, and many of them using plants from her urban garden. She sells an array of spiritual products such as condition oils, cleansing water, incense, spiritual bath, and floor wash. To learn more, please visit her website at Use code 'FREESHIPALJ' for free shipping on your order over $50. That’s IG:@hoodoohussy Podcast Intro Beat:  IG: @Nihlis Audio Engineer: Kobe Guilford @Kobewtheshot In this episode of A Little Juju Podcast Juju interviews Iya Osudara @brujabanton aka the spiritual bath lady! Iya really breaks down all the initiation, Isese, and spirituality questions you’ve been wondering about (especially the ones that come up on Spiritual twitter). We talk transitioning from Christianity to Orisha tradition as a first generation Jamaican, the power of surrendering to the journey to get your blessings, and why she doesn’t like love readings! Connect with Iya Osundara IG: @_brujabanton Twitter: @brujabanton Website: Sign up for Hoodoo 101 with Juju Donations Make a Monthly donation of $3 or more to A Little Juju Podcast Paypal: Cash app: $itsjujubae Venmo: itsjujubae Hit me up on my site for bookings, media, and site contact! Social media FB: jujubae twitter/ig: itsjujubae Ig:alittlejujupodcast Youtube :
1 hr 28 min
The Friend Zone
The Friend Zone
Loud Speakers Network
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
This week on #TheFriendZone, it’s another shoot the shit episode. Seasonal blues, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Grammy snubs and more randomness. Shop our Merch (available Friday, November 27th at midnight EST) Thank you to our Sponsors: Sanvello - What a year 2020 has been. If the holiday season is feeling less like the cherry on top, and more like the straw that broke the camel’s back, Sanvello can help. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, or just general “make this year stop,” Sanvello has the tools to help you feel better. Get tele-therapy, coaching, self-care, peer support, step-by-step guided journeys, and more, all in one app. Plus, your Sanvello journey is customizable to you. Sanvello checks in with how you’re feeling so you can track your emotions and progress over time, and learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You can think of Sanvello as a place to feel better, anywhere, anytime. Plus, it’s covered by insurance for over 40 million Americans and growing. Get free premium access to all self-care content and a trained mental health coach for 2 weeks by visiting Tushy - Ditch paper products and uncomfortable chafing when you switch to the soothing, cleansing stream of water from a Hello Tushy bidet attachment. AND every Hello Tushy bidet attachment comes with a SIXTY DAY RISK-FREE GUARANTEE and a TWELVE-MONTH WARRANTY. Join MILLIONS of happy HELLO TUSHY customers RIGHT NOW and have a clean butt with every flush. Go to to get TEN PERCENT OFF. 
 Follow us online: Twitter - Facebook - Have a GREAT day!
1 hr 48 min
Tea with Queen and J.
Tea with Queen and J.
Tea with Queen and J.
#273 The Janet Hubert Mixtapes
Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture over tea. Drink up! On this episode… is Will Smith a whole cry baby? We dissect that warm and fuzzy Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reunion, but also is he a whole cry baby. Then, the worst voice over you heard in your entire life, and what YOU can do about the Georgia Senate runoffs This week’s hotlist - Half & Half is a comfort jam, quality colorism convos, Janet Hubert sitcom ether, Red Table Talk, male fragility too fragility, support Indiginous women whicho coins, why we still have this election on the brain, audio black-face, how to be a co-conspirator to marginalized demographics in your industry and mad other ish... EPISODE TIMESTAMPS Libations: 2:41 Donation libations: 9:06 Affirmations: 13:04 The Fresh Prince & Janet Hubert: 16:06 Pay Black Women: 50:48 What We Doin About Georgia:55:54 The Pit:1:04:50 Tweet us while you listen! #teawithqj @teawithqj and add #podin on twitter to help others discover Tea with Queen and J. podcast! WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: EMAIL & SPONSOR INQUIRIES DONATE OR Where to Donate Your Money and Time to Help Protestors: How to continue support for the End SARS movement in Nigeria Queen’s Amazon wishlist: J.’s Amazon wishlist: Send us snail mail: Tea with Queen and J. P.O. Box 1617 229 East 85th Street New York, NY 10028 PAY BLACK WOMEN Learn more about Native Women’s Wilderness: NEWS THAT’S NOT NEWS Georgia Senate Runoffs: How to Help, Donate, and Vote: NOTES AND EXTRA TEA Listen to J.’s conversation with Diamond Stylz on Marsha’s Plate podcast episode #161 Hooking The Ups: Learn more about Dr. Regina Bradley’s work: Follow Dr. Bradley on twitter @redclayscholar Read Dr. Regina Bradly’s article Da Art of Speculatin’: This week’s hashtag: #ChroniclingStankonia This week’s closing clip features all of us mad at all of you try new sh!t on the holiday ass nakers: This episode was created, hosted and produced by Naima Lewis Muhammad & Janicia Francis Libations to our friend’s Domingo, Tokunbo, and D. Sindayiganza who help keep this show running by paying and supporting Black women. Opening song by Ohene Cornelius
1 hr 29 min
Therapy for Black Girls
Therapy for Black Girls
Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D. & iHeartRadio
Session 183: Seasonal Depression During the Pandemic
The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. As the days get shorter and the wind gets colder, you might be moving a little slower and feeling a little less motivated. And given the multiple stressors we’ve experienced this year, that’s not at all a surprise. Today we’re joined by Dr. Allycin Powell-Hicks to talk about seasonal affective disorder and how that might be heightening depressive symptoms you might have experienced in the past. Dr. Ally and I discussed tips for managing depressive symptoms, how we can tell if symptoms are something we should be concerned about, how to support ourselves in this very different holiday season, and some of the relationship challenges that have arisen during the pandemic and how to manage them. Resources Mentioned Visit our Amazon Store for all the books mentioned on the podcast! Where to Find Dr. Ally Instagram: @allycinhicks Twitter: @allycinhicks Stay Connected Is there a topic you'd like covered on the podcast? Submit it at If you're looking for a therapist in your area, check out the directory at Take the info from the podcast to the next level by joining us in The Yellow Couch Collective, Grab your copy of our guided affirmation and other TBG Merch at If you have questions or would like to discuss podcast sponsorship, email us at The hashtag for the podcast is #TBGinSession. Make sure to follow us on social media: Twitter: @therapy4bgirls Instagram: @therapyforblackgirls Facebook: @therapyforblackgirls
45 min
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