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Is The Office Haunted | True Ghosts Stories
Dec 3, 2019 · 34 min
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Have you ever worked in a haunted office?  An office where things just don’t seem to go, right?  A haunted office where things always seem a bit off?  Today we hear the very real story that leads one person to wonder is the office haunted?  

Here is a sample of what they write: 
“Right as I finished up the bathrooms I was going to before the face popped out, I started noticing that things were in completely different places from where the employees left them.  I moved those items back to their original places.  But as I would start to walk away from them, they'd fall on the floor.  I knew I had put the items far enough on the shelves to where they wouldn't fall. I'd pick them back up, and once I'd put them back a second time, they were left alone. This kept going until I got to the next set of bathrooms. That’s when it got weird.”

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