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Ghost In My Bed | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural
Dec 2, 2019 · 43 min
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What do you do when you discover there is a ghost in your bed? Do you run, do you hide, do you spoon? Today we hear of one such story!

One listener writes in: “From the time we first moved in, my children and I have seen someone laying in my bed at least once or twice a week. A full figure of a woman's body under the covers. So real that my kids had literally started talking to her because they thought it was me laying in the bed on numerous occasions. She would turn on my alarm clock radio full blast at times as if to get my attention. One time I and my best friend were sitting in the kitchen talking about childhood memories of good old-fashioned ass-whooping, and suddenly the kitchen faucet turned on full blast. I don't think she liked that conversation, I told my friend, and I told her we should change the subject. Many pictures that were taken inside my home included an orb.”
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