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Ghost In The Forest | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural
Nov 20, 2019 · 42 min
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How do you escape a ghost in the forest? Is running always your best bet? What do you do if the force follows you, or changes your direction! Today we hear a shocking story of people fleeing a ghost in the forest!

They write: “When we arrived at a break in the fence we pulled over; my uncle proceeded to walk into the woods just as I was about to enter my sister runs in front of me and grabs the fence, blocks the entrance and says you’re not going anywhere. I’m not sure if she did it out of fear or if she was possessed. I was pulling on her arms with all my strength (I was a big lad even at a young age) and I couldn’t budge her from the fence, one of the brothers also tried helping me with no avail. After a minute of arguing I’m no longer able to see my uncle, he’d walked too far into the forest…. A moment later, I hear my uncle shouting, “RUN! RUN NOWWWW!” he was sprinting back full speed. So, we all run back to the car. Us kids were only a couple of feet away from the car as we didn’t make it past the footpath, so we were already getting into the car as my uncle was running round to his door. I was pretty casual because I thought he was trying to scare us, and I didn’t believe him. He was panting repeating “There was something there”.
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