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Unexplained Glowing Eyes | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural
Nov 13, 2019 · 38 min
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Have you ever been confronted with unexplained glowing eyes? Did you wonder where they came from, and why they were watching you? Today we hear the true ghost story of a woman in a dorm, confronted by unexplained glowing eyes!

They write “ I turned the TV on to illuminate my room since I usually keep it dark; I block out the window, so the streetlight doesn't annoy me, and because anyone can walk up to my window and look in, I'm at street level. But I felt like I needed to be able to see the whole room. I didn't even sleep with my back to the rest of the room. But eventually, I fell asleep, trying to ignore the presence — the staring of Yellow Eyes.
Like I said before, I don't sleep very well, and I woke up around 4 AM. I went to roll over to have my back to the room when I heard a deep growl. I'm not sure if it was my imagination from a half-asleep brain, but I'm 80 percent sure it was real. I was feeling grumpy that I woke up to that and I basically told it "Not now" and went back to sleep.” 
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