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Ghost Caught On Camera | Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Supernatural
Oct 22, 2019 · 36 min
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Even when there is a ghost caught on camera, it’s a battle to make others believe. What kind of proof is needed to convince others that the supernatural exists? Is there ever a way to capture the image of a spirit on film that would definitively prove that ghosts are real?
Our listener writes: 
“I didn’t feel anything unusual, and eventually we went to bed and then came home the following day. 
About a week later, I was sharing photos of the trip with my mother when I noticed one of the fire pits I had made.  While looking through my photos, this one stood out as it appeared there was a smudge on my phone.  When I attempted to wipe it off, I realized it was part of the photo. Or that I had a ghost caught on camera. 
Then I zoomed in on this smudge just to see it was a mist captured behind my fire but before the lake in the brush.  The image appears to be that of a person standing in that space but clearly not “a person” in the normal sense of the word.”
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